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    Starting Janurary 2ed!!!

    Hi all! I am pretty excited and nervous to start my second try at whole30! I tried back in may and fell off the band wagon at a wedding and never was able to find the perfect time to start again. Which I realize now that there never is a perfect time so gotta try again! I'm 25 and have some pretty bad eating habits that have left me unhealthy and overweight. I'm a full time college student and work two jobs so I'm pretty busy and on a tight budget. I'm hoping to get my mom and sister on board for some support!
  2. HannahFH

    Starting June 8th

    Hi my name is Hannah and I am committing to start my whole30 on Monday June 8th. I've been putting it off for way too long waiting for the perfect time to jump in and I can't keep waiting. This is my first whole30 and I'm excited to see how it changes my life!!