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  1. Thanks Amberetta, that's helpful to know! I'm inclined to think the bloat could be from my body learning to deal with more veggies and meats that I am feeding it now, especially carby ones like sweet potatoes which I used to eat infrequently, and having three full meals a day. The bloat is all in my stomach too! So hopefully it will work itself out soon once everything's adjusted.
  2. Thanks GF Chris, Saturday - Meal One - apples sauteed in ghee with coconut cream Meal Two - two chicken sausages, some chicken breast, salad with olives, tomatoes, spinach balsamic vinegar and EVOO. Meal Three - same as meal two Sunday - Meal One - one banana, two eggs fried in ghee, coconut cream Coffee with coconut cream Meal Two - crockpot roasted sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips, organic chicken and EVOO. Coffee with coconut cream Meal Three - Hot Italian chicken sausage with fire roasted bell peppers and onions in EVOO. Half banana with coconut cream Monday - Meal One - one and half chicken sausages, 1/4 avocado, half banana coffee with coconut cream. Meal Two - crockpot roasted sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips, organic chicken and EVOO. Coffee with coconut cream Coffee with coconut cream Hmm... looking back I've been recycling meals a lot these last few days
  3. This is currently day 7 on my third Whole30. I've been paleo for a little over a year now and outside of whole30's I mostly stay compliant with minimal off plan 'play food' here and there; I hardly ever eat any dairy, soy or grains and my 'play food' usually come in the form of some sugar or less than optimal oils when eating out at restaurants. I decided to do another Whole30 to prepare before the holiday season gets underway, and reestablish some healthy habits. I'm in the process of dealing with and coming out of a not-so healthy past relationship with food, where I would constantly track calories and carbs and my weight, while freaking out about any little changes. So really this could be consider my first 'true' whole30 since previously I have still always tracked calories and weighed myself (big no nos I know!). So far so good and I haven't slipped in any of the 'rules', rather just concentrating on eating when hungry and stopping when I'm satisfied. As silly as it might sound it's a new feeling to me to feel so satisfied after meals, and I'm definitely already feeling like I'm somewhat 'healing' my realtionship with food and my body. However day 7 and I'm feeling so heavy and kind of bloated today...which is kind of scary and unmotivating when I've been trying so hard to make all the right choices and be kind to my body...I'm worried that I have been eating too much compared to what I would usually... Basically I know these things can happen during the Whole30 and that I need to trust in the process, but I'm wondering if there is anyone else who may be going through a similar situtation and might be able to share some words of wisdom or advice! Thank you!
  4. nutshell

    Starting Whole 30 on Oct. 1st! Anyone else?

    I'm in! October 1st woop
  5. nutshell

    Scared Bride to Be

    HI!! I am also getting married soon - July 5th. I am on day 9 of my whole30 and am doing this to feel in tiptop shape for my wedding! My two cents from a fellow bride to be - try your best to stick with it. Not just for the physical bonuses but mental as well. This is about my third whole30 and I'm paleo now outside of programs so I do recognise that this might be a lot easier for me than coming at it brand new. But honestly you are going to feel great eating this way. And I've personally noticed a calmer, less stressed, happier me - which is surely a good deal with all this wedding planning right?! And of course the physical is important others have said I think the bloat will go away soon, it's probably just your body adjusts to this way of eating, and I'm pretty confident that this will disappear soon! At this important time I've tried to think of doing the whole30 not as something to stress over, but instead feel grateful for because I know every single thing I put in my body is doing me good, not harm, and I am making the best choices and doing all that I can to feel and look great before the wedding! I dunno..if I look at it this way it switches it around from feeling restricted or bombarded to just feeling free within the framework of the program, and consequently having one less thing to stress about! It's so much easier at the moment not to have to decide if I should have the ice cream or not, and just know I can't because I am doing the whole30. And I know how you are feeling about being scared about gaining weight, because I have been feeling exactly the same way. My dress fits like a glove and I can't afford to put on any weight. Well, I can...but I don't want to! And a few weeks ago that very thing happened - I messed around (stupidly) with some hormonal regulating supplements and gained 4lbs in a few weeks and was COMPLETELY freaking out lol! But I was okay. And coming back to whole30 (and off the supplements) I think I have l lost that already. And my main point is that once the wedding day arrives, just let it all go - you will know you did the best you could with the time, knowledge and resources you had, and you are going to look and feel beautiful! So by then, just sit back, relax and enjoy your big happy day!
  6. nutshell

    No, Chipotle, NO!!!!

    Yeah I wanna know this!
  7. nutshell

    No, Chipotle, NO!!!!

    OMG I just looked further down the list! Sooo many nasties in the seasonings arrrghhhh! :( Basically I wont be eating out anywhere for the next 23 days of Whole30...
  8. nutshell

    No, Chipotle, NO!!!!

    Oh my I feel exactly the same! I'm so sad - I really looked forward to my weekly Chipotle salad Although me and my husband (aka fellow Chipotle fiend) were having a very in-depth discussion last night about how we think their portions are getting smaller...might be time to boycott... Has anyone tried Qdoba? I think their carnitas is okay, if I'm reading there nutrition board correctly? I hope so!
  9. I can't wait for tomorrow to come! I'm so ready!
  10. I used the newsletter last time and it was great! I kept all the emails so now I have them again in a file ready to open each day I'm excited to start on Saturday and I'm feeling very motivated with this groups support!
  11. nutshell

    W30 June 1st

    Haha Papyrus, you don't! Well I guess you could, but having my favourite Carrot Cake on my wedding day will be one off-roader that I can definitely live with!
  12. nutshell

    W30 June 1st

    Sounds great! I found that thread and will definitely be checking daily it from June 1st to see how everyone is doing Just knowing others are doing it too will hopefully keep me on the straight and narrow!
  13. nutshell


    Just my two cents - I recently tried maca root powder and it definitely helped regulate my cycle and gave me more energy in the morning. However it made me gain about 4lbs (with only around a month of use) and mostly in my abdomen. Not what I was I've stopped taking it since. After doing some research around the web I've since found it is used by some people to gain weight.
  14. Hey! I'm starting June 1st too