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    Fenderbender got a reaction from Marcella in Plan a Whole30 dream vacation   
    Kayak camping the inside passage of Alaska..... I did it for an entire month a few years back and it was the bomb.... I'd love to float the entire Koyokuk-copper river basin from above the arctic circle ( wrangle st Elias range) next time....
    Set traps for fresh crabs.... Caught fresh steelheads and salmon walleye.... Foraged for tons of berries and plenty of native greens and foliage, ramps, thisels, etc..... Traded for game, seal oil and other food stuffs in small villages
    Talk about fat adaptation... There isn't a processed carb in a 1000 miles ( unless you pack it in)
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    Fenderbender reacted to kb0426 in Don't over think this.   
    I fear I am in the camp of someone that just wants to see newbies succeed, but also need to learn when the ST*U.
    Unless I can find a quote from a mod, I will put myself in time out for now.
    Just doing that because I had to try it .