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  1. Barbecutie

    Starting January 1, 2018

    Did not have time to make dinner last night- thankfully I had compliant hot dogs on hand and some guacamole from the Whole30 Cookbook. So fast, and pretty good! I didn't want to be without dinner again tonight so I made the Mole Meatballs from Well Fed Weeknights and refrigerated them. I used a stick blender in my cast iron skillet to puree the sauce and it flew everywhere! Can't complain though; the sauce tasted great, can't wait to have them for dinner tonight!
  2. Barbecutie

    Starting January 1, 2018

    Hi all! This will be my second Whole30. So excited reading everyone's stories and reasons for starting. I've been wanting to do this again for a while, and I thought "January will be perfect for a Whole30, I have NOTHING going on." Fast forward to now- during this month I have two business trips and a weekend vacation! My plan is to be over prepared. I have all my groceries for week one in the fridge, a cookup planned out for Sunday, and pretty much all of my menus and grocery lists planned out in excel (very boring but very useful). Autopilot is my strategy this time around. Ever heard of decision fatigue? Your brain only has so many decisions it can make a day before it cramps up and is useless. If I have one tip it is to make sure you make all your food decisions first thing in the day. if you know what you're eating, you won't get thrown off by a long day or pizza that someone brought to a meeting (omg WHY does pizza just seem to appear out of thin air during a Whole30?!) Looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone!