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    Barbecutie reacted to Inkratlet in Starting January 1, 2018   
    Day 3.
    I did my first Crossfit workout this morning since starting. I felt OK initially but ran out of energy quite quickly. I won't be too fast to blame the diet though, I have been recovering from another chesty cold (my second one this winter) so it could be that.
    My skin looks a little better - at least, I don't have any new blemishes since starting and the existing ones are gradually improving. 
    I had a black coffee (I always drink it black so no problem), banana, a carrot, and eggs scrambled with shredded veggies for breakfast and I have sweet potato mash (with ghee), lean beef with tomato and steamed broccoli & runner beans for lunch. I also have with me 2 plums, a banana, a tomato, and a carrot. Already eaten one of the plums. I think I'll get through this workday no problem :-)
    Not sure what's for dinner but I took a baked potato out of the freezer yesterday evening and have plenty more eggs, carrots, tomatoes, nuts and seeds etc. so I'll wing it. Feeling confident & drinking herbal tea.
    Someone mentioned not having a cheesecloth for clarified butter - I've made ghee before by lining a small tea sieve (for loose leaf) with kitchen paper. It worked perfectly.
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    Barbecutie reacted to Wendy Britton in Starting January 1, 2018   
    First time truly committing to Whole 30!!!  Very excited about January 1st.  New Year, new goals and so desperately want to get back running in 2018.  Best of luck to all!!
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    Barbecutie reacted to Elainedut in Starting January 1, 2018   
    I'm in Jan 1st! Kinda' wanted to have a "get clean" week before starting my first W30; but after reading the Jan 1st start date post, decided to jump in. Excited to get back to healthy (been on a sugar/bread bender for about 6 months....ouch). Let's do THIS!!
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    Barbecutie reacted to Haflagirl in Starting January 1, 2018   
    Hi there! Like many others here I'm a newbie starting January 1st. My main focus is just improving my overall health with a focus on my arthritic knees, painful feet, and weight loss along with increased energy and stamina and decreased bouts of heartburn/acid reflux. 
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    Barbecutie reacted to ErinLindsey in Starting January 1, 2018   
    Hi everyone!
    I'll be starting on January 1st as well! About 3 years ago when I lived in Austin I was paleo and felt amazing! I made a move to the East Coast and all my paleo friendly things I had such easy access to in Austin became a lot harder to find and I slipped. Instead of doing my best, I just gave up the lifestyle change completely. Recently, I was diagnosed with Mucha Habermann which is a rare skin disease. Since it's a rare not a lot of research has gone into it. Currently there is no known cause nor cure. It is self-limiting and will eventually go away but could be months or years. I opted for light therapy over a lengthy regimen of antibiotics they can also prescribe to protect my gut health.  I'm hoping this whole 30 elimination might help me find some relief from my disease and just overall get my body back to it's optimal health!