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    Lupus and the final outcome

    thanks for the feedback everyone. It is so frustrating. I tried so hard to get everyone in my lupus support group to join me on the journey but no luck. One of my ladies even said "I'll change anything to feel better but the food I eat". I work full time and am down the rest of the time. I really wanted this to show some benefits so it would give me hope for a more balanced life. You're right the absence of fog and the fingernails are a good start. I welcome all the feedback! p.s. I thought about the AIP but figured I'd start with the regular Whole 30 first. I'm guess it's the next step, just makes me sad to think I'll miss Indiana tomatoes when they come into season. They're so good...
  2. Hi. I'm on day 23 and living with Lupus so that means nothing is ever normal for me. I was already dairy and gluten free for years before I started (background info). I still crave sugar! I still get irritable some days and am still not experiencing any of that wonderful sleep or boundless energy everyone benefits from. I'm in bed for 9+ hours but restful sleep doesn't happen. One of the main things is that until 3 days ago I just wasn't pooping. All this healhy food going in but not really coming out. Now it's switched and gone to the other spectum and it's diarrea all day/night with cramping and gas. My lupus fog as been mostly gone and an odd posiitve is that my fingernails have changed dramatically and are now much healthier. Clothes still fit the same as well. I know good things will happen if I keep going but I was hoping for more. I don't want the only benefits of this to be my nails. I want the whole thing! My main wish was for a major reduction in inflammation, some weight loss and the sleep/energy deal. I wasn to be the healthiest Lupus gal around. Any ideas what's going wrong or taking so long?