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    C_Cezeaux reacted to LPA in Re-starting tomorrow 1/4/2020.   
    Hi! This is my second round. I did one successful round in September. I started my second round on January 1st, 2020, but have had two incidents of not reading the label and assuming! First there was brown rice syrup in my usual vegan mayo, and then there was stevia in CoYo coconut yogurt that I had assumed was unsweetened. So here I am again, starting over tomorrow. I have gained 30 pounds and a lot of inflammation over the last 12 months because of awakening and feeding the sugar dragon. But the consequences are huge, and I am making a firm decision to quit. We just moved, and then had 13 family members with us over the holidays before we ever had a chance to unpack, so it’s a crazy time. But I don’t want to postpone any longer! So, here’s to tomorrow morning!
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    C_Cezeaux got a reaction from CrazyCow in Jan 1 is Lucky #13!   
    I actually don't know which number this is for me, I did my first in 2015. Some have been very successful, some NOT. 
    Oh man, your two things challenged by hit me spot on.  Even though I know I can't eat like so many other people can and feel well, my inner child is still whining about not getting what someone else does.
    I have a marvelous husband who is a self trained chef - he is great about helping me modify and recreate recipes, but still... I struggle with sugar, for me it's all or nothing.
    I like the idea of explo6the facets of Whole9 - I need to do some work there myself.  Healthy movement, stress management, and Socialization will be my biggest challenges. :D
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    C_Cezeaux reacted to Ann in Fifth timer, starting Jan 1!   
    Hi Becky, Lynn and C-Cezeaux!  Looks like we have quite a few W30 veterans here!   Yay!   I read through my old logs for prior rounds, and am remembering how great the support is on this forum.  And also remembering lots of recipes and habits, and am pretty psyched up to get going again!  
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    C_Cezeaux got a reaction from BeckyB in Fifth timer, starting Jan 1!   
    Hi! I'm also a repeat, my last W30 didn't go so well, the group I was in turned out to be focused on fast weight loss instead of healing and I ended up dropping out. I've had some successful runs, though and I know I need to reset my system again.
    My focus will be on once again slaying the sugar dragon, better sleep, less shedding and sneezing, and the return to my optimistic, more energetic self I know is still in here.  I also want to lose weight, but the NSV are the main priorities for me at the moment.
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    C_Cezeaux reacted to ladyshanny in PSA: Don't Get Lost!   
    Public Service Announcement: 
    The group threads in this section of the forum can be extremely fast moving and as such, the volunteer moderators have a hard time keeping up with reading the hundreds of posts that go whizzing by.
    That said, if you are struggling or something doesn't seem right or you need some specific help, please create a new post in the Troubleshooting Your Whole30 portion of the forum. Make the title of your post as specific as possible to assist in getting a response sooner. For example, titling your post "Can't Break the 3pm Slump!" rather than just "Someone Please Help!" makes it quicker for the moderators to understand and assist you. 
    The moderators try to get to everything and we appreciate your patience but members following this outline is one of the ways that you can help us to help you!