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    That is exactly correct.   You are looking for sugar (or a form of it) on the ingredient label, not on the nutritional facts.   The Rao's sauces are really good, and so are the Monte Bene sauces!
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    I am new to this and still trying to understand the rules (I’ve read them over and over) and understanding the labels.  I’ve read on whole 30 blogs and forums that Rao’s marinera is approved.  Label says 3 sugars but there is no sugar in ingredients.  Is this why it’s approved?  Because it’s not in ingredients?  Possibly natural sugars in tomatoes?
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    Sorry to hear about your dad, @Mrs. B - it is possible that you may need to do the best you can during this tough time and then prioritize Whole30 when you return home to your routine. We know that things happen during everyone's Whole30 but in certain instances we have to take a look and see if we are served by staying on it or maybe served better by staying close but prioritizing this emergency time.
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    @cutterlm Thanks!
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    Nuts are allowed, as are nut flours and butters (as long as they don't contain any off plan ingredients such as sugar.)