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    Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    Looking for legit Whole30 recipe for a chicken stir fry tonight. I lent my first book to someone and can't find it or remember who I lent it to. So if anyone out here has a recipe, I have to go out today anyway - can wear shorts cuz it's hitting 30 today! thanks much fellow W30ers. By the way, yesterday I stopped at Whole Foods for sugar free bacon and as I was reaching a young woman was reaching as well so I said "Whole 30?" I think she's struggling because her response was not warm and that of a partner in doing this! Just a "yeah". Nothing else. I could have told her it's my second and good for you and loads of other encouraging things but she was having none if it. Her loss, but awkward that we were in every aisle looking at the same stuff the rest of my time there. Oh yeah, I went for bacon - over $100 later I got out of there. Im glad at least we gave these forums to share! Happy day 7.
  2. Susie1276

    Starting January 1, 2018

    Cranky today! Snapped at my husband while we were putting Christmas away. He just told me to knock It off, so all good. Day 6 feeling pretty good. We usually go out on weekends but dinner is in the oven starting to smell fabulous. This is my second Whole30 so I found that making sure I don't have to travel for work and no parties helps me focus on me and being Whole30. Time is flying and this will be over in a flash! Enjoy the journey fellow January 1 starters.
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    Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    @ShellyM that makes my day! I'm starving for some reason too (day 6?) so I'm ignoring it by looking up recipes - I love pork sausage for breakfast and I'm finding some good recipes, which makes no sense to ignore hunger by looking up recipes. Then I'll get back to taking down all my Christmas decorations and putting day-to-day stuff back on the shelves. Have a good day - ignore the hunger, there's loads of things to distract you - I'm an expert at it!
  4. Susie1276

    Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    @tallteenbigheart I'm feeling the same way! This is my 2nd Whole30, I successfully completed one in June of 2015. I have no idea what Tiger Blood is, I'm tired, but that's nothing new because I'm busy. I think everyone is different and based on what your "go to" was prior to W30 and eliminating all these foods, maybe your weren't as addicted as some to sugar (which sounds like the biggie). My dairy consisted of cream in my coffee, so that's no big deal and since my first Whole30 I have tried to avoid processed foods and added sugars. However, my downfall was and is not cooking at home! I underwent triple-bypass surgery almost a year ago and dropped at least 20 lbs. I knew there was no way I would maintain that much of a loss because it was due to having absolutely no appetite and just looking at food made me want to throw up (which was dangerous because of my chest being cracked open!). Anyway, I combed the cookbooks and eliminated salt, took care of myself, felt great - gained maybe 5 lbs. at first and then got lazy with cooking. It was easy to cook while I was off work recuperating and had plenty of time to shop and cook (once I felt better) but back to work and travel, it got away from me. I need to stay healthy, I needed to reset and so far this has been great. I get a little head-achy, but that's about it. I have planned no travel this month, I find that I won't even go out, but when the weather is as cold as it is here in the Chicago area, that's not a problem. I'm a walker, I gave myself the week off while I start this but plan to get on the treadmill or elliptical this week to get moving. My dreams are great too - very vivid and upbeat, love it! I love this forum and I love that I almost started on January 2, but decided to stop the madness and go for the 1st so the days line up perfectly! Can't wait to get to the store and stock up and prep for next week.