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  1. Starting tomorrow - Dec 26

    Ah, yes...posting the meals. So far so good. Breakfast was 2 eggs with spinach. Lunch - a salad of canned salmon, spinach, orange bell pepper, small apple, yellow tomatoes, avocado, walnuts with Balsamic Vinegar. Snack - sugar snap peas Dinner will be compliant taco filling on a bed of spinach with salsa. Night time is the killer for me. That's when I really want those things I shouldn't be eating. Gotta stay strong though!
  2. Starting tomorrow - Dec 26

    Yes...complete sugar addict here! I'm surprised I didn't end up in the ER yesterday from all my sugar intake. Decided today was the day. I cannot stand it any longer and how it makes me feel. It's time to slay the dragon. This will be my 3rd time to engage in a Whole30. First time I made it 22 days, second time all the way through, but that was at the first of this year. Once I start with sugar, it is hard to stop so...this is going to be difficult but I know I can do it.
  3. Whole 30 to slay the sugar demon, 1/1/13

    Hey Pedro! We are in the same industry! My husband and I run a small martial arts studio. I also teach fitness classes. I know exactly how you feel about the sugar! Now, I don't eat that much, but I have a tendency to binge eat it. I can go days without it then I get the craving and have quite a bit. But I am always "preaching" the healthy lifestyle to my students, but I've got to do it, too. So, you will have lots and lots of support on this Forum if you really want to change your habits. I just got 6 people from my class to sign on to doing a Whole30! You Can Do It!
  4. Ironman Training and Race Day

    Also, read some of the threads in The mentor group I am part of is talking about this very issue because we are doing Whole30/Whole100. Here's a post: I know the whole notion of carb loading before a race is a misnomer but it does reflect the same idea (like eating a bagel or English muffin with pb before a race). So the energy that sustains us during a race comes from fat? Protein? What about the use of gels, drinks etc during races? Let's unpack, there are a lot of questions here. "We need carbs for energy" -- Yes. Carbs come in lots of different forms. Fruits and vegetables have a lot of carbs, those carbs don't affect blood sugar the way that grains and sugar do because the carbs are packaged with lots of fiber, water and nutrients. For a person with normal activity level, you can get more than enough carbs with fruits and vegetables. "carb loading before a race" -- You're not actually loading carbs before a race, you're actually topping off glycogen stores, which is slightly different. Glycogen is a secondary energy source for the body that is stored in the liver (fat is the primary energy source) and when competing in endurance events, the body inevitably uses some glycogen. Training can deplete glycogen stores and the point of eating more carbs than usual prior to a race is to top off glycogen stores. "eating a bagel or English muffin with pb before a race" -- I really dislike peanutbutter as a pre-race food. It has a really high fat content and it takes your body a long time to digest peanutbutter. My pre-race breakfast of choice is unsweetened applesauce (high in water content and lots of carbs), a scoop of whey protein (the BCAAs help with fatigue), a banana and sports drink. All things that provide water, carbs and electrolytes, no fat or fiber and are easily digestable. "So the energy that sustains us during a race comes from fat? Protein?" -- This is a beig IT DEPENDS. Your body will metabolize fat during the course of a race. The longer the race (and this the lower intensity you race out) the higher the percentage of energy from fat metabolization. There are sports nutritionists out there (Bob Seebohar is the big one) that feel you can essentially race an Ironman on 100 calories/hour if you train your body to effectively metabolize fat. As a total aside your body generally doesn't use protein for energy in a race situation -- except in really rare circumstances. For most triathlons your body will metabolize fat and glycogen to provide energy. "What about the use of gels, drinks etc during races?" -- Once again, it depends. For a really short race (less than an hour) you don't need anything calorie wise (you made need fluids and electrolytes particularly if its really hot outside). As the race gets longer, your body isn't super effective at metabolizing fat to provide energy so you need to supplement with additional calories, this is where sports nutrition products come in. It should also be noted that the use of sports nutrition products during training / racing does not adversely affect blood sugar because your body is immeadiately using the sugars you consume. I generally like a product that combines low and short chain sugars, electrolytes and fluid (so a good sports drink). During an IM I also use PowerBars and Gels on the bike and Clif Shot Bloks on the run. The thing to remember when using sports nutrition products is that they have a time and place. You really don't need a gel for a 60 minute easy bike, but you probably do need something for a 4 hour bike. How are you handling gels for this diet? The two gels I use are HoneyStinger which is organic honey but sugar nonetheless and Iginte Naturals which are made from figs. Both are supposed to control blood sugar spikes and I do notice that I maintain a more steady level with them. I cannot stand GU, Hammer, etc. If you are using gels while training / racing, the training/racing should control the blood sugar spikes. Sugar is sugar whether its organic, from honey, from figs, etc. If the Honey Stingers and Ignites work for you, go with them. Part of the reason why I like Clif Shot Bloks so much on the run is because they are about 30 calories / blok so I can ake one blok every other mile and control, which helps with digestion and contorlling the sugar tap (its an even stream as compared to a bigger calorie bomb less frequently). The other big thing to look at with gels / drinks is the electrolyte content. Most triathletes are loosing about 600mg of sodium per hour and that needs to be replaced (this is one reason I don't like Hammer products -- because the electrolyte profile is pretty poor and because they contain sorbitol, which is a diuretic).
  5. Warning- Rant!!

    What a great story! And I love that you stuck to your guns. How people can be so ungrateful when you are graciously providing your home, your time, money and the food to provide for your guests is beyond me!
  6. Amy, I wish I would have done what you did and maybe now I wouldn't be hanging out with the Sugar Dragon again. I got to Day23 and just let a little of this and a little of that slide in during a roadtrip. Then it just partially fell apart. A little dairy (Starbucks lattes), a little pasta and rosemary/olive oil bread, and TOO many dessert items - things I really didn't miss until I let them back into my life. So, I am slowly swinging back towards Whole30 - actually Whole100 - starting January. As a fitness enthusiast, I know my body will benefit more by cutting the junk. I know I slept better and that was the biggest bonus! Keep it up!!!
  7. crashing during my workout (=_=)

    Heather, how much almond butter do you eat? I am mostly a night time exerciser, but I run in the morning and of course, when I race, it is always morning, so this sounds like a great pre-run meal. (It use to be peanut butter on an English muffin! )
  8. 100% but still hungry???

    Ok, this caused lightbulbs to go off in my head! Thanks, Laura, for asking this question and to all those who gave these answers. I did by first Whole30, but it turned out to be a Whole23. Gearing up to do the Whole100. I work out a lot. I am usually do fine at breakfast and lunch, but after dinner is when I usually want to snack. After reading these responses, I know I am not eating enough fat and probably not enough protein either. I will now start adjusting those items and see what kind of results I get. This is exciting!
  9. Need support and encouragement

    Jeepifer - Congratulations on getting back to running. I am envious that you like to run. I do it, but I wish I enjoyed it more. I used the Couch to 5k Program eight years back. I run quite a bit. I am not fast by any means, but I did just complete my second half marathon earlier this month. The more you do, the faster you'll get! And triathlons are fun. I just started doing those this year. I've done three sprint tris to date.
  10. Post-Menopausal Couch-Potato Gives It A Go

    PJ - Haha...well, it would be nice - especially since cancer runs in my family. My health journey started 8 years ago so I'm always looking to improve my health. This is the first health book I've read that really connected the dots and made total sense. It's funny how you don't think you're addicted to something until you try to take it away.
  11. Anyone want to try a Whole 100 starting 1/1?

    I'd like to give it a whirl as well! I was going to start sooner, but January 1st is probably better. I'll get back into my training and this will help.
  12. Post-Menopausal Couch-Potato Gives It A Go

    pj - Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, it was actually a great test drive, too. I am just sorry I went back to my old ways. Not completely but with that old Sugar Dragon. And FYI, I am 52 and already post menopausal. It all came and went without me knowing it'd taken place. My doctor figures it's because I ate fairly heathy and did a lot exercise-wise. It's been two years. I am still waiting for something to happen because it's just been too easy. That's why I wanted to to Whole30 - to see how it would affect my overall health since I haven't had any health issues.
  13. Post-Menopausal Couch-Potato Gives It A Go

    Alana, I was just thinking the same thing about my restless legs. It came back last night and not a lot of sleep.
  14. Newfoundlanders? Venting and advice/help.

    I looked at your chicken link as well. Other than saying grain fed, which most commercial meat is, there is no other information. Again, just don't eat the skin. I agree with Derval. Everyone has their challenges. You either find a way or you don't.
  15. Newfoundlanders? Venting and advice/help.

    I am not trying to be rude here, but something else seems to be going on with you. Did you read the moderators post? He gave you excellent advice. You have to do the best you can with what you have available. Is rabbit ok? Of course because it is wild. It doesn't matter if it's red meat or's meat - something you can have on Whole30. By eating the Whole30 way, you will detox your body in the correct way. If you haven't read the book, I suggest you purchase a copy. It's the best thing you will ever do for yourself.