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    adabeie got a reaction from Raven in Plan a Whole30 dream vacation   
    A trip I'm looking to put together sometime in the next two years is a big extreme.. I want to ride my bike home (to California, unless Europe distracts me).. from Korea. It's been done, and it's my kind of lovely: camping, physical exertion, exotic foods, and lots of time by myself. Probably also photography and journaling. 
    I really have no idea how I'd do this, since even on shorter biking trips, processed foods tend to be a regular feature. 
    Ideally I'd love to cook for myself, though depending on the gear you need to cook things, you have to weigh the costs of the extra weight on the bike, and while weight itself isn't necessarily a deal breaker (touring bikes can handles quite a load), space is often at a premium and you can't exactly take a hand blender.
    I imagine I'd try to keep it simple, and buy basic and pre-cooked ingredients along the way, and make the most of street food when in more populated areas. I do imagine I would have a basic mess kit and a camping stove, I consider the ability to create fire an essential, as much as being able to source clean water no matter the locale. 
    For sake of flexibility though, if you get an invitation to dinner or to camp in someone's yard, one tends to be hungry rather than picky when it comes to food and your body becomes an absolute furnace in terms of burning through food at times like this. Still, I wonder how complaint I would be able to stay, and certainly there are vast stretches of Central Asia that have excellent vegetarian and meat based cuisines.
    So far, for me, avoiding soy has been the hardest. (I'm kinda in one of the soy Meccas here in Seoul.)
    But it's something to ponder, and something to try out on shorter trips first. I would love to hear about others who've gone the road less traveled with their Whole30/9 philosophy and were able to stick it through. 
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    adabeie reacted to missmary in Kombucha Makers Unite; Where to ask and be answered   
    why the darkest sugar? Dark colored sugar tends to be high in molasses, which is high in mineral content. Such mineral content is fantastic for water keifer, but too many minerals will yield yeasty kombucha--maybe not on the first batch, but after a while. Kombucha does best on organic cane sugar.
    Also, in case you were wondering, alternative sugars don't work for kombucha either, at least for long term, so no coconut sugar, honey, maple syrup or stevia. There is a culture that grows on honey (Jun tea), but you need a Jun scoby for that one. 
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    adabeie reacted to AmyS in Plan a Whole30 dream vacation   
    It's funny because I don't necessarily think of vacations as restful, indulgent experiences. When I travel, I travel with my children, who are very agreeable travelers and who love new adventures. We have lots (and lots and lots) of fun, but if I were planning some sort of vacation just for me, I would not do many of the things that are absolutely necessary when traveling with children. In other words, I think of that time as fun, but I certainly don't regard it as a vacation. I'm still very much on the job.
    If I were to plan a vacation that didn't include the children, the first condition would be that I would have to arrange for their care in such a way that I didn't worry about them. That could be easily enough done by leaving them in the excellent care of their father. But at the moment I feel somewhat cautious about how far away I'd like to be. (I know those years are soon going to be over, my girls are nine, and pretty soon, before I know it, they will be off into the wider world and I'll be planning everything without considering their immediate needs - so strange to contemplate that.)
    So - perhaps I'd go to the other side of the island for a few days, with someone special. If this is really a dream vacation, I'd stay at one of the world class resorts that I usually just go see. I'd eat from the local farmer's markets as much as possible, and have some very nice restaurant cuisine too - fresh local food gone high end, why not? I know I'd have to ask how it's prepared, but I know I could find delicious food all around me.
    I would spend time just sitting near the water, reading, spending time with that someone special, and perhaps taking some long walks at sunset.
    I live in Hawaii, but for me it's just a (very) nice place to live and work. I'm only a couple of hours' drive from the world class resorts that put Hawaii on the map as a paradise destination. I'd like to actually experience that. Also, this being a small island, I'd probably know at least some of the resort staff!
    Hm. I'm thinking this could be a thing.
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    adabeie reacted to Katharine D. in Plan a Whole30 dream vacation   
    A walking vacation, pretty much anywhere in Europe, during the shoulder season in the autumn, when it's still warm-ish but not overrun with tourists. I would walk from town to town, with an interesting group of people, study the art and architecture, take lots of great photos, and have all Whole30 compliant meals prepared by a creative and resourceful chef. I make so many decisions and plans every day that the vacation part is not having to do the thinking or the planning! I think this kind of vacation would be centered around self improvement, active recovery, exercise and stress management!
    Does anyone want to start a Whole30 travel co.?