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    I am an RN, a mom, a grad student, a reader, a news junkie, a music lover, a traveler & a 30 yr vegetarian (not any more!!).
  1. Stellala

    Starting July 1st

    I wanted to post on this thread before moving to the re-intro thread..... THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!! This has been a fascinating 30 days!!! I have learned more about my body & my metabolism than I ever thot possible!! I enjoyed the W30....I enjoyed the challenge....I enjoyed the learning....& most of all I enjoyed watching my body & mind change for the better!! I am in no rush to reintroduce foods...I am a bit afraid of the old ways....I feel too good to blow it. This week will only see 1/2 & 1/2 in my 1 cup of coffee a day (no sugar ever again) & red wine in my wkend wine glass. Next week I will plan for more....but those are the only 2 things I really missed. (ice cream & chocolate will have to wait a while longer as I am NOT ready for them yet!!). Congratulations to all who participated....whether or not they even finished cuz learning is fantastic in & of itself!! Cheers!!
  2. Stellala

    Starting July 1st

    I agree with bonvino, reading all these posts has been a huge help to me. Everyone who posts is so helpful, concerned and genuine. Lots of great info here!! I have found the W30 much less difficult than I expected. It may be because I prepared for this for months....I was so ready I started a bit early. I like adventures & I see this as an adventure & a challenge. It's only 30 days....that was actually a huge factor for me deciding to do this. Although with less than 2 weeks to go I can easily say that most of these changes I plan to continue after the month is over. I try to use the little positive changes as big motivators, for example this week I noticed my skin has a different feel & look to it, esp on my face. I doubt anyone else would notice, but this is a big deal to me...a physical sign of improvement. My bloating is gone completely...I was very distended for the past 2 yrs (menopause, ugh)....the bloating going away is enough good news to propel me thru to the finish. I have no idea if I have actually lost weight....I don't really care (& boy I do need to lose weight)....but my choosing to try W30 was all about improving my health & experimenting to see if these changes would actually make a difference. THEY HAVE. The foods I am eating are very different that what I was eating before. I have not had red meat & pork for 30 yrs. I avoided all fats except olive oil. I used whole grains as my biggest food choice with each meal, followed by veggies. I ate beans every day (tempeh, black beans, garbanzo beans, hummus, etc). I ate lots of hard cheeses & yogurt. So the W30 has been a revolution for me. And so far it's been totally worth it. The food is great tasting, easy to prepare (Sundays!!) and it fills me up. Thanks to ALL who give such great advice on the Forum!!! It is MUCH appreciated!! Cheers!!
  3. Stellala

    Starting July 1st

    Thanks for the link Shannon!! That is a perfect article for me!! I chose July for my 1st W30 because of the plentiful fresh veggies & fruits!! The bonus has been my new found enjoyment of good's been 30 years since I ate pork & I made the BEST pulled pork on Sunday!! It's been the topper on my M2 salads all week!! (along with eggs, avacados, olives, olive oil & lots of fresh veggies!!). I have to say the foods in my meals have been delicious & very satisfying. I am planning on continuing these new meals long after the 30 days are up!! Thanks!!
  4. Stellala

    Starting July 1st

    Greetings!! Two weeks in & all is well!! I have been too busy to really notice being cranky or spacey!! Physically I feel great!! All cravings are gone. Just gone. I have no problem avoiding all snacking....& no problem avoiding late night snacks, which used to be my norm. Never in my entire life have I NOT snacked or attacked a crap food late at night. This is a wonderful change!!! I am wondering about fruits. Since I used to eat fruits as a snack food I am feeling weird eating them with meals. Also they taste so incredible good now (way better than ever before) that I feel guilty eating it must be wrong. I usually include a couple small chunks of watermelon, cantaloupe & about 4 cherries (all in season & just beautiful) with M2 & M3. Is that a bad thing?? Cheers to ALL.....Hang in there everybody!! Soooo worth it!!!
  5. Stellala

    Starting July 1st

    I am amazed. OK, so I started a week earlier than July 1 cuz I had all my stuff, read the book 2x, visited these great pages for info & was ready. Why wait? Now, I have been extremely bloated, chronically distended actually, for over 2 years...since menopause began. Nothing has helped. My docs ruled out all the "big baddies" with the usually tests (which is very, very good news). But I have been sooooooo uncomfortable. I was a vegetarian for 30 yrs until I read the Whole30 book...slowly brought good meats back into my diet until I began the W30 full force. Now I am following all the rules & enjoying the completely new foods I am eating. Only 6 days into the W30 my abdomen began to be discomfort...I am in shock!! And I feel so incredible good with out that belly!!! I am near tears writing this. I am impressed, happy, excited & plan to change my eating habits thru this learning process for the rest of my days. Thank-You!! P.S. All the other great changes are a coming...I can tell.
  6. Stellala

    Starting July 1st

    Holy cow....this is an amazing thread!! I chose July 1 as a start date 2 months ago....I have been reading Whole30 & snooping around this site for info over the past 2 months. This Forum has been so helpful to me while prepping & planning!! I am excited to make all the changes & see to how my body & my mind improves!! I've been a vegetarian for the past 30 yrs...I have slowly been bringing meat back into my meals since my decision 2 months ago & I must say I feel fuller for longer.... & that is huge. Looking forward to "talking" with all of you!!!! Cheers!!!