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  1. cpb

    June 1st Support Thread

    Hi Vicki - I also have tendinitis that is getting better with rest. Hoping doing this helps with it as well.
  2. cpb

    June 1st Support Thread

    I am starting on 1 June and also in Australia - so only hours away! I am not new to Paleo, but have struggled with it - often going too low carb, so making sure I am having sufficient carbs for my energy levels and needs for recovery. I have tried to do a Whole30 before, but have never been successful. I really want to make it this time and glad there is a group for us starting on the same day.
  3. cpb

    Today is the day!!!

    Good luck Jodi - hope you enjoy the journey!
  4. cpb

    Coconut sugar in coconut aminos

    Great tip Derval - thanks!
  5. cpb

    TMI-Did your bathroom habits change?

    For me - I am more regular than I have ever been. I have been trying to eat sauerkraut this time around (even a little each day), and am guessing that has something to do with it for me.
  6. cpb

    Sourcing food in Australia

    I may have missed it - but has anyone been able to find coconut aminos without sugar? I'm off to find some ghee tomorrow. I have discovered sauerkraut and pretty much having it each day (sourced it from Leo's - they had one brand that was just cabbage and salt).
  7. AmyS - I can really relate to what you are saying there.
  8. cpb

    Nutritional yeast

    I have to admit - I do like it on my kale chips
  9. Well done Bethie Annie. That's an achievement you should be proud of!
  10. Great post. Thanks for sharing - it definitely helps during the early days to read this.
  11. cpb

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Thanks for the tips ladies. I was so excited the day I discovered coconut oil at Woolworths and Coles. A lot more convenient than having to source from a speciality store. Has anyone come across ghee yet? I think I saw some at Leo's supermarket, but need to check.
  12. cpb

    Finding Balance

    If you have ISWF, it has a great graph/chart for getting the balance of protein and carbs post workout.
  13. Thanks for such a great tip! I hadn't come across Paprika and have been using MacGourmet (which I have had for ages) and MealBoard. Both are great, but have been wanting something that combines the functionality of the two (ie electronic cookbook and meal planner) and Paprika looks like it.
  14. cpb

    Finding Balance

    Just found this post by Fenderbender on another thread that thought was relevant for this discussion (don't know how to quote from other thread to this one): Another thought.... If you are doing crossfit or any other intense workout, you should plan on a pre workout meal about an hour before, of protein and good fat and a post workout meal of very lean protein and a sweet potato to be eaten within 20 min of the end of your workout... Then wait about an hour and a half till your next meal... When I workout in the evening I pack a cooler with some cold hard boiled eggs and almonds / avacado for my pre meal..... And some chicken breast and a sweet potato for my post... But like what Tom said....EAT. You shouldn't be hungry....,in a few days you will be able to dial your portion size in just right....for me I needed to eat about three times the amount of good fat then I thought....
  15. cpb

    Finding Balance

    I plan to have some pre-cooked chicken breasts (with various spices) as a PWO snack/meal. The Whoel30 materials suggest protein/carbs as a PWO meal rather than fats, so I would suggest not having nuts. Eggs are better than nuts, but still have some fat content. Of course, you still have your normal meal with protein/fats/veggies after the PWO meal.