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  1. fmr_sailor

    Flavored coffee

    Even if it says "artificially flavored?"
  2. fmr_sailor

    Flavored coffee

    Starbucks flavored coffees (purchased in the grocery store) are only flavored naturally. They are the only ones I've found.
  3. fmr_sailor

    Insomnia - ketosis?

    So sorry you are struggling! I don't have any advice to help, but I wanted to say I pray it gets better for you soon!!
  4. fmr_sailor

    Cooking spray

    And by all means, don't forget your coupon!
  5. fmr_sailor

    Coconut Cream in Coffee (ingredient check)

    But if I'm full and I know it's just hedonic hunger, I don't need more food. But I will def watch for that!
  6. fmr_sailor

    Coconut Cream in Coffee (ingredient check)

    Well, I sometimes have an afternoon cup. But I also keep decaf in the house for the times I want a cup later. Doesn't bother my sleep at all. Browsing Whole9 forum has been lately though..... :-)
  7. fmr_sailor

    Coconut Cream in Coffee (ingredient check)

    I have actually found the bitterness of black coffee after a meal nips my dessert-type sugar cravings in the bud!
  8. fmr_sailor

    Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts

    My breakfast. Chicken breast, Brussels sprouts with balsamic and sweet potato. Light on fat as this was a post-WO meal.
  9. fmr_sailor

    Compliant canned chicken?

    Must be different where I am.
  10. fmr_sailor

    Compliant canned chicken?

    When I looked at the canned chicken pictured, I found the ingredients list to be non-compliant.... Or sketchy at best.
  11. fmr_sailor

    Don't over think this.

    Thanks for this post! With three kids, a husband who works crazy hours, two other jobs of my own (besides the kids, lol), and a quite limited budget, I have been worried how to make the Whole30 work for all of us. Now I feel a little more relaxed going in, and I've already been cooking meals for my family; now I just have to take out my grains/legumes and replace them with fat. I feel better now, thanks!!
  12. fmr_sailor

    W30: Project X

    Very interesting reading through this thread! I've often thought about how our "ancestors" really are mostly the same things everyday. They didn't have the amount of variety available as we do. Sometimes too many choices, makes it more difficult. (Like when I go to buy shampoo. Ugh, too many choices!)
  13. fmr_sailor

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    I know the Atkins diet and Whole30 are NOT the same... But when I did Atkins I was on the Pill and got my period a week early, despite being in the pink pills still. I don't take hormonal birth control anymore. I am beginning my first Whole30 on July 1st, just after my period should start. My cycles are insanely regular since having babies. (Used to be about every 35 days. Post-babies about every 27-29 days.) curious to see how the 30 days could affect my cycles.