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  1. My breakfast. Chicken breast, Brussels sprouts with balsamic and sweet potato. Light on fat as this was a post-WO meal.
  2. Thanks for this post! With three kids, a husband who works crazy hours, two other jobs of my own (besides the kids, lol), and a quite limited budget, I have been worried how to make the Whole30 work for all of us. Now I feel a little more relaxed going in, and I've already been cooking meals for my family; now I just have to take out my grains/legumes and replace them with fat. I feel better now, thanks!!
  3. I know the Atkins diet and Whole30 are NOT the same... But when I did Atkins I was on the Pill and got my period a week early, despite being in the pink pills still. I don't take hormonal birth control anymore. I am beginning my first Whole30 on July 1st, just after my period should start. My cycles are insanely regular since having babies. (Used to be about every 35 days. Post-babies about every 27-29 days.) curious to see how the 30 days could affect my cycles.