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  1. fmr_sailor

    First Timer: Start Date June 19

    I will be starting June 21st, so pretty close to your start date! I have made multiple attempts at the Whole30, with the first attempt having begun July 1st 2015. I have never made it past day 14, but many of the issues that I believe hindered me from completing are out of my way now. Or at least have been properly acknowledged and are being actively dealt with. Hope it goes well for you!!
  2. fmr_sailor

    I'm a slow eater. Is that bad?

    When I'm alone eating at the table, I like to listen to music. One of my favorites is the Classical Dinner Party station on Pandora.
  3. Hope you get to feeling better soon! Bone broth for the win!!
  4. Using the Galloway method has made my running so much better (more enjoyable & FASTER) after being a die hard running-only runner for 6 years!!
  5. fmr_sailor

    July Whole30 - Starting July 3rd :)

    I started on July 1, but close enough! Lol. Yes, I think I've "seen" you on Instagram. Hope you fare well this round.
  6. fmr_sailor

    Starting June 28, 2016!

    I'm starting today as well. I was going to wait until July 1, but I'm ready now. I've attempted several times over the past year, and made it as far as halfway through day 15. This time I will finish!
  7. I've other kinds of body trusting in other areas of my life. I gave birth to my first two babies at home with a midwife and my husband. The second baby was over 11 pounds. Of course I didn't know that until she was born, but we knew she was big. But I trusted my body and the birth process. And both births were amazing. (The third birth was great too, but had to be a c-sec for a previa.) I trusted in the self-weaning process. I knew eventually my children would be satisfied with breastfeeding and stop when that need had been met. For baby number one that was 23 months, baby number two was 33 months, and baby number three was 39 months. They are wonderfully independent people now who are not overly attached because I met their needs until they didn't need it anymore. But trusting that my body will tell me that I don't need to eat anymore......and actually HEEDING that message, wow.
  8. WHAT?! You mean I have to learn to trust my own body? What a horrible, challenging, wonderful, terribly overwhelming idea. It totally freaks me out. Lol. But really. Yes.
  9. Right now I'm reading The Power of Habit and examining my habit of wanting to weigh myself. The cue: I feel like I'm eating too much. The routine: I get on the scale to see if the number is moving up or down. The reward: I get "feedback" on whether or not I am fine eating the foods/amounts I am. OR I need to cut back a little bit on the amount of food I'm eating. Thoughts about with what to replace the routine of weighing myself within a Whole30 context?? Maybe asking a mod to check out my food log..... Any other ideas for me? Thanks!
  10. I want to thank you all for offering your opinion, advice, and perspective. I have grown to really appreciate this community. You all have truly been a blessing to me!
  11. I guess I've been in "weight loss mode" for sooooo long that it's hard to get out of that.
  12. Oh I meant weighing food. Oops. Yes, I weighed myself.
  13. I didn't weigh or count points when I was eating Whole30.
  14. I have attempted to complete a Whole30 five times since July 1st. Here is a summary of those tries: 1: 3 days, made it through dinner of day 4 2: 6 days, made it through dinner of day 7 3: 7 days, made it through dinner of day 8 4: 14 days, made it through lunch of day 15 5: 1 pathetic day, made it through dinner of day 2 I have read It Starts With Food and other Paleo books that were listed on the Whole9 website. I have actively participated in the forums, recognizing the "power of the group." I just can't seem to stay the course. I feel physically great eating Whole30-style. I love the foods. I love the freedom from having to eat every 2-3 hours. But I have grown so frustrated with myself and confused by my seeming inability to finish this thing that so many have....many more than once. I am a very dedicated person who works hard at the things I care about. But the Whole30 has really thrown me for a loop, and I am at a loss. I'm asking for your opinion. With this track record would you step away from the Whole30 for a while and revisit it later? Or continue to restart, maybe with a different perspective? In the end, I know I'm the one that has to decide and do it. But I am truly interested in your insight. I thank you in advance.