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  1. I workout first thing in the morning (5:30 am). I carry a small lunch bag with a few plastic ice packs in it for my post-WO meal. I put in a few slices of my chicken I already have cooked in the fridge and a few pieces of sweet potato. I leave the bag in the car, and when I get in to head home, I eat it then. It makes it a lot easier to get home, unpack my gym bag and start breakfast without getting weak feeling needing food. Hope that helps!
  2. My breakfast. Chicken breast, Brussels sprouts with balsamic and sweet potato. Light on fat as this was a post-WO meal.
  3. Thanks for this post! With three kids, a husband who works crazy hours, two other jobs of my own (besides the kids, lol), and a quite limited budget, I have been worried how to make the Whole30 work for all of us. Now I feel a little more relaxed going in, and I've already been cooking meals for my family; now I just have to take out my grains/legumes and replace them with fat. I feel better now, thanks!!
  4. I know the Atkins diet and Whole30 are NOT the same... But when I did Atkins I was on the Pill and got my period a week early, despite being in the pink pills still. I don't take hormonal birth control anymore. I am beginning my first Whole30 on July 1st, just after my period should start. My cycles are insanely regular since having babies. (Used to be about every 35 days. Post-babies about every 27-29 days.) curious to see how the 30 days could affect my cycles.