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  1. Dude - people, it is Day #2 of my 2nd Whole 30 and ALL I WANT IS SUGAR! I feel like a RAVING lunatic! The worst part is, I was here before with my first whole 30. I remember going into my room and basically almost crying because I was day dreaming about every and any food that I couldn't have. And I have been eating plenty. My stomach is telling me I'm not hungry but my head is telling me to guzzle down my co-workers candy bowl. Anyone have any tips on getting through this? My last whole 30 was only a few months ago but funny how when you are in the midst of the rollercoaster, you completlely forgot how you got through last time. (Though I do know deep breathing was involved!) Rachael
  2. MrsFenichelli

    Trying again starting May 28th

    Whoops, I am an idiot. I started today which would be the 28th. Oy vey - I'm losing my mind already!!
  3. MrsFenichelli

    Trying again starting May 28th

    Hey guys!! I joined on the 27th but hope you don't mind if I piggyback on your group. (Can you guys carry me through the sugar craving I am currently experiencing? Is it bad I am already experiencing it on day #1? I literally almost just straight up chugged a thing of sprinkles before putting the cap back on and calmly walking away...LOL)
  4. Thanks Vozelle and Lisa!! I appreciate the support The book was so true - today I felt so smug and invincible! Annnnddddd then I just saw the sprinkles in the pantry while I was looking for a spice - waaaaaaaaahhhhh! First sugar craving! Maybe I am not so immune after all, haha! I literally just wanted to down the whole thing. Eeek!
  5. MrsFenichelli

    Starting today! 26/6 :))

    Hey Zuza! I am starting tomorrow!!
  6. Hello everyone! My name is Rachael and after going back and forth after several days, I decided to commit myself starting tomorrow! I want to do this because I am classically, one of those people who finds it much easier to take care of other people than to look after my own needs. Two years ago, less than a year after we were married, my husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It was the worst time of my life and is still incredibly hard some days. Our lives were completely shattered and as we have started to heal, we are finding all the things that we pushed to the side in our attempt to just get through. Our eating habits, finances, working out, cleaning the house. When each day is a struggle to get through, your only concern is what is right in front of you. (How many MRI's do we have this month? How are we going to pay for that? What if he can't walk?) Now that things are leveling out (for now, MS is notoriously an unpredictable asshole), I am finally to a place where I am starting to look at myself. I am 29 but feel like a 60 year old in so many ways. I need to eat healthier to take back control, to ride my road bike again, to feel good in a bikini, to heal my depression and anxiety. (And to be there strong and healthy for my husband if the worse comes again - see? There's that focus on other people thing again, but it's hard to part from that). Thank you for your support! If anyone wants to join me as a buddy in this journey, let me know! Rachael