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  1. Well I finally had the nerve (after 60 days!) to try some sugar today after lunch: a chocolate mint and 1/2 of a chocolate chip cookie (my favorite)! Though delicious, I wasn't able to eat much of either one as it was just too sweet. Almost immediately I can feel a 'heaviness', and technical term here--an 'ickyness', to what I ate. The guilt started creeping in, but I'm just reminding myself that this is a lesson learned and moving on from these treats is totally within my power. Wishing everybody luck in your next phase of W30~ t-mo
  2. Sounds like a great trip, JenX! I tried some red wine this weekend at home. One word - FWOB! I have to say that I think an open bottle of red wine in the house is not a good idea for me either. Had a pretty good headache the next morning, but what really surprised me were my horribly puffy eyes with (really) dark circles! Ew. I couldn't help thinking that maybe I had those dark circles every time I drank red-wine in the past but just didn't notice them when my skin wasn't as bright?! The other most disturbing effect was that it took me two days to recover from fresh cravings for, you name it, sugar, bread, etc., etc. :/ However, I'm still keeping in mind that this is all a learning experience! Back to fully compliant for minimum 4 days (probably more like 8). I think beans/legumes are next for me. Hope everyone's re-intro is educational! -t
  3. Happy Saturday. So after introducing dairy on Monday, I finally felt back to normal by Friday. The lingering effects of dairy weren't huge, just significant enough to notice some changes--bloating and slight GI interruption. I think if I introduced dairy back into my daily diet, the cumulative effects would be greater. Last night I reintroduced whiskey and oh it was tasty. Some friends and I did a tour of a local distillery--super fun. I was careful about consumption as I had a scheduled morning workout this morning that I didn't want to miss if the negative effects were too great. Happy to say I did make the workout but was a little sluggish. We stopped for food after the tour; I stayed compliant with food but had a microbrew beer with dinner. The first few sips were soo good but I noticed that about 1/3 of the way into the beer it didn't hold the same deliciousness that it usually does. I didn't even finish it. It may turn out that beer is something I can give up fairly easily. We'll see--I'll need to decide how beer fits into the greater scheme of my diet. It may turn out that if I decide to cocktail, it will only be with my beloved red wine or a bit of whiskey. Have a great rest of your weekend all, -t
  4. Good to know re the whiskey--thanks!
  5. So after 40 days of W30 compliance I finally re-introduced dairy yesterday. Whole milk with both morning cups of coffee. My W30 compliant lunch topped with smoked gouda (YUM!) Ahh- I snacked on about 1-1/2 ounces of smoked gouda again before dinner (I was just trying to make sure my system recognized the shot of dairy--at least that's my story). Then out to dinner for Mom's birthday--chicken stuffed with mushrooms & mozzarella, light on the veggies as many restaurant entrees are. I did have a salad appetizer. (The waiter was irritated with me when I asked for oil & vinegar for dressing rather than their balsamic dressing! That's the first time that's happened. Anyway, I held steady.) There was a creamy sauce on the chicken that I don't believe was fully compliant, but I'm just going to move on from that. The milk in my coffee didn't seem to affect me at all. It gave the coffee a much creamier taste than coconut milk does, but I can live without it--maybe just save it for 'once-a-whiles'. Same effect for the gouda on top of my lunch--wonderfully tasty, but I can do without most of the time. No ill effects. However.... snacking on the cheese pre-dinner, I noticed the smoked gouda was becoming a FWOB. Hmmm. I'll be keeping that in mind. Post dinner I was feeling a little icky and bloated. It may be a result of the sauce on top of the chicken, but I'm keeping in mind that it may be a result of the accumulated dairy over the day. Back into compliance for the next 3 days. May experiment with alcohol on Friday as a few of us have a private tour of a local whiskey distillery. I am nervous about going 'off plan' twice in one week however, so we'll see how it goes. Keep Truckin' ;-)
  6. Glad to hear most everyone's re-introductions are going fairly well. I'm still going strong on W30 - Day #38 now. I'm starting to feel better (not as anxious) about the re-introduction plan and may start re-introducing next week--probably dairy. I haven't really been missing dairy except in my morning coffee, but I think it'll be something that won't take me off path. I'll keep you updated.. Have a good weekend everyone~
  7. t-mo

    Start date Aug 1

    Days 1-4: So far everything's going well. I did some cooking Saturday, so I've been mixing leftovers for the most part. Meals for the last 4 days were: B-2 Eggs & 1/2 Potato with Guacamole L- Butternut Squash Soup (p 266 W30) w/ Kale & Chicken D-Ground Beef over Spinach w/ Tomatoes & Guacamole B-Pork Chops w/ Applesauce (p 258 W30) over baby lettuce L-Butternut Squash Soup w/ Kale & Chicken D-Ratatouille w/ Chicken & some grapes B-Ratatouille (p 288 W30) w/ Chicken L-Ground Beef & Tomato Sauce (p 324 W30) over Spaghetti Squash D-Butternut Squash Soup w/ Kale & Chicken & Apple w/ Cinnamon B-Ratatouille w/ Chicken & a few grapes L-Paleo Bowl: Sauted kale, garlic green beans & grilled veggies w/Chicken & Guacamole D-Ratatouille w/Ground Beef over spaghetti squash & an Apple w/Cinnamon The Pork Chops and Applesauce were quite good, though re-heated pork chop was not my favorite. :/ The Butternut Squash soup was yummy, but perhaps a little plain. I'll need to spice this up a little next time. However, I will make it again! Ratatouille --YUM. Have a great Day 5 everyone,
  8. Though I'm starting another whole30 tomorrow, I was planning on using today as a reintroduction day. A co-worker brought me a piece of chocolate cake as a reward, so I thought, "ok, maybe I'll reintroduce sugar today." Long story short... I had so much anxiety about taking a couple bites that I couldn't do it! I'm assuming this is a clear indication that I'm not ready yet (and that chocolate cake is not the place to start). Therefore tomorrow will be day #32 on the plan. Not necessarily a bad thing. I will have an opportunity for a couple re-introductions during August as I've allowed myself three off-plan meals for the month. I'll just have to make them re-introduction meals. Sorry some of you are feeling so crummy after re-introduction of one element, but I guess that's why we're here ~ the learning curve! Feel better tomorrow
  9. t-mo

    Start date Aug 1

    The newsletter has some information that's already in the book but also new information. I found that I looked forward to the newsletter each morning and 'checking in' on them in the evening after completing a successful day. ~Just an additional piece of motivation to stay true to the program.
  10. t-mo

    Start date Aug 1

    When I run out of prepped food, two of my quick go-to meals are: 1. The Protein salad - you can change it up to Greek, Asian, Summer--I'm excited to try the Fall version (p 161 in the Whole30 book). 2. Ground Beef (or whatever flavor protein you choose) over lots of spinach. Add tomatoes, guacamole (p 308 and my lifesaver over the 30 days), and some chimichurri sauce (p 306).
  11. t-mo

    Starting July 1st

    JenX, Yes, that's exactly how my dreams go as well! BTW, thanks so much for all your insights throughout the month. There have been several times I've experienced a challenge and reading a post of yours made me realize, "ok, I'm not alone in experiencing this, therefore it's something I can work through". Great advice on multiple accounts! Thanks also to all the members for sharing your experiences--reading about some of our common challenges makes conquering them easier! DAY 30 everyone! Congratulations not in order quite yet, but DARN CLOSE! Good Work everyone! I'm recommitting to Whole30 for August with just a couple of exceptions I noted in a previous post. I am however getting myself back into the gym REGULARLY. I've been so focused on cooking and my food intake this month that I've been completely sporadic on the work-out front. August is time to get STRONG AGAIN.
  12. t-mo

    Start date Aug 1

    Thinking I'll join the August 1st Whole30 group.... Just finishing my first Whole 30 today and not sure I'm ready for re-introduction yet--I need another month (with a couple slight modifications for myself). For all of you getting ready to start in on your first Whole30... I can tell you it's an adventure and it's rewarding! You can do it! Definitely look to the forum, especially the advanced users' comments, as they'll have many insights into challenges you're experiencing. Get ready!
  13. t-mo

    Starting July 1st

    Happy Day 28 All, I've also noticed a few sugar cravings yesterday and today. Almost went for a piece of pizza last night at dinner with visiting family on their last night in town; I couldn't believe how close I was to caving! "?!?" Must be that sugar dragon holding on with the tips of his talons. Ugh. On the brighter side, a few people in the office have been noticing changes such as thinner face, thinner body overall, etc. It seems I've inspired a few people to tackle some of their "dragons". We're doing an August Challenge: 30 days of "_____". One person's giving up beer for the month, one's giving up soda & fast food for the month, ... we'll see how many get involved. As for me, I'm still narrowing my focus. Perhaps I'll go Whole30 in August with an allowance for 2-3 evenings of a cocktail with friends, and 3 non-plan meals . That way I'll feel like I have a little freedom if I end up in a restaurant that isn't plan friendly. I feel like I need more time on the plan before I start the formal re-introduction phase. In any case, I want to continue with the plan and make sure it's successful--ie. sustainable! Keep up the good work everyone! 2 MORE DAYS!!
  14. t-mo

    Starting July 1st

    Despite being Day 22 and reading most all of your posts, this is my first post (and my first Whole30). Seems like many people are having success! I've been totally compliant for 22 days(!!!), though a little heavy on the fruit in my meals. (Not using it as a substitute for sugar, just enjoying that everything's delicious and in season right now as we've got a fairly short (local) season here in No NV.) I did crave sugar on Days 1,2, & 3 but not much since then! --What I would've done for a little York peppermint patty on Day 3!! ;-) I've had family in town the past few days with lots of BBQ's, eating out, and even a couple jaunts to some local bars & breweries, but was able to remain totally compliant! Yay! Though some of the goodies and homemade traditions looked yummy, I really wasn't very tempted. I'm not saying this has been easy, just a little surprising--in a good way. Beginning to plan my post Whole30 action plan and what to introduce first. I'm not really missing dairy (I thought I'd really miss cheese!) nor sugar. I'm not ready to go full-throttle into another Whole30 on August 1st, but may take a Whole30 approach to August with an allowance for cocktails with friends on 2 or 3 nights throughout the month... Despite feeling a little bloated today--attributing this to the extra fruit consumed over the past few days--was able to fit into a pair of pants I haven't worn in a few months! I think I'll try to complete the last 10 days with significantly less fruit. Keep up the good eating everyone!
  15. t-mo

    Starting July 1!

    I started reading about Whole30 a few days ago, picked up the book today, and am starting July 1! Who's with me? One question I'll be looking to answer: anyone have any good substitutions for nuts (severe nut allergy--all)? I sometimes use sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, but I'm sure there are more substitutes out there. Thanks in advance for any & all advice/inspiration/ideas.