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  1. tudyloops

    Day 17 and barely hanging on

    Ok. I just finished lunch. I had a hamburger patty with mayo, a fried egg, side of broccoli slaw with garlic mayo and diced fried sweet and red potatoes. I'll continue to up my fat and veggies and cut out the nut butter. That was probably causing the digestive issues I've been having. Thank you all for your input. I'll work on changing my plate up and start supplements. In the meantime, I'll just turn up my music and hype myself out.
  2. tudyloops

    Day 17 and barely hanging on

    Over the course of these my journey, I've eaten 4 avocados, 6 packs of wholly guac, quite a bit of almond butter and raw almonds. I feel like my fat intake is by the book. I've made 2 batches of mayo and a ranch recipe that I've eaten all of. When I say I'm hanging on by a thread, I mean I don't know how to keep motivated when I feel like this. I have had no food temptations (other than Coke Zero and margaritas). I just don't know how to fix this exhaustion. I eat plenty. I get full. I salt. I have had a potassium deficiency in the past, which is why I've added bananas to my diet. If this is heat exhaustion, how do I fix it without Gatorade or the like?
  3. tudyloops

    Day 17 and barely hanging on

    As far as food goes, I've been eating about the same all along. Typical day breakfast- 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil, leftover Brussel sprouts or sweet potatoes OR apple with almond butter (depending on time) lunch - hamburger patty/chicken breast/trader Joe's sausage, zucchini cooked in coconut oil with onion and mushroom. Dinner - various whole30 recipes (egg roll in bowl, oven baked salmon cakes, roasted salmon with veggies, steak with potato and salad) I'm eating well. Since Saturday, I started to incorporate a fruit as a snack pick me up. I tend to consistently have around 120oz of water per day. 1 cup of coffee in the mornings. This past week I have had an additional cup in the afternoon trying to get by. I don't eat crap in my regular life either. The only thing Thats different now is no dairy and obsessive label checking. Supper is 90% of the time paleo. We have pizza on Sundays. Other than that, I'm not a fat slob who doesn't love herself enough to eat like crap on a daily basis. Just tell me what I need to do to not feel like I have out of body experience exhaustion.
  4. This is my third attempt with whole30. I'm way further than I've ever been. I think it's helped this time that I had already eliminated grains and sugar. Let's back up to the previous days. Day 2 was the headache. Around day 5-12, I felt so amazing. Woke up spritely and ready for the world. Saturday (day 12), I got up at 4am and started house work and cleaning garage. We worked in the yard in the heat and humidity for hours. I ate plenty and stayed hydrated. Around 3, I hit a wall. I couldn't function or think and could barely stand. It's days later and still feel completely exhausted and broken. I've since upped my fruit and potato intake thinking that the carb depletion had me feeling so terrible. But now I'm just out of ideas. I've even started snacking more to try and bring myself back to the tiger blood. Please tell me what I need to do. I'm hanging by a thread.
  5. @jmcbn - That could very easily be the case. I suffer from hypoglycemia when my weight is high. But I didn't think that would have enough sugar in it to do that to me. I might need to nix potatoes.
  6. Yes! I have always been a heavy salter. So yes. I salt everything plentifully. I can't stomach 4 meals a day though. That is just too much. My stomach is out of room with the baby.
  7. Go check out Melissa's instagram. She is always posting food pics from places she eats! And it is such a healthy city. You will have way better options eating at a local place. Stay out of those chain restaurants.
  8. Today is day 3 of my whole30. Everything has been just fine and great. But after breakfast today on my drive in to work, I felt like all of my muscles were weak. My mind was clear, but my body felt weak and anxious. I had not had any coffee either. Once I got to work, I started feeling really woozy and even lost my vision for a minute. The spell lasted about 45 minutes. I started chugging water in an effort to regain my composure. I am 24w pregnant also. Is this what sugar detox is like?? Or am I dehydrated? Or worse? My heart rate was 92, which is high as its generally around 60. For breakfast (because I know that question is coming) - 1 cup homestyle fried red potatoes and onions fried in coconut oil and ghee, 3 eggs scrambled in coconut oil, and 3 strips of bacon and a glass of coconut water (I keep having calf cramps at night) For dinner last night - 1/4 lb grassfed burger fried in coconut oil, fried egg on top, 1/2 large avocado, 1 cup of mixed greens, 1 cup of steamed broccoli, and 1 cup of oven roasted sweet potatoes. (the most satisfying meal yet) I haven't been hungry between meals, and I've been sleeping a full 8 hours a night. Help! I am feeling better now (~1.5 hours after the spell passed). But I do feel hungry now.
  9. MrsStick - It gets better!! Hang tight. There is no way I could have done a whole30 this pregnancy before now. After 20ish weeks of eating carbs, cheese, and my fair share of fast food, I was aching for the whole30! I feel more like my normal self now. Hopefully that will last these next 29 days. Lol And that "NOPE" button is so real! Foods that I would normally love to devour became disgusting and offensive to even consider eating.
  10. Good luck!!! I was 5 days into my first Whole30 when I found out I was expecting. I'm now 24 weeks. Around 6 weeks, my nausea was so bad that I had no appetite. We were eating Paleo before the Whole30. But my new aversions were terrible. The thought of chicken and steak disgusted me. Zucchini, summer squash, and asparagus did too!! The only thing I could force myself to eat was grits, potatoes, and cheese and crackers. Or if I could eat it with sour cream on it, it was ok by me too! Needless to say, my first Whole30 was not successful. But I'm on my second one now. My nausea went away around week 13, but my aversions are still pretty solid. Now I am back to my healthy eating ways, and it is going great thus far. But the first trimester was extremely weird. Prepare yourself.
  11. tudyloops

    where to buy ghee?

    I haven't seen it in any stores in my area. I looked to buy online, but knew I could make it for 1/10 of the cost. Also couldn't find cheesecloth anywhere! I will do it tonight with coffee filters though! Thanks for the tip.