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  1. I think I just found out why even a size smaller shoe fits me!!! Water retention- who'd a thunk? Xie xie for asking Noboru. (Studied Chinese for 2 years... what oils are you able to find?)
  2. c_k_b

    Today is the first day of the rest of my life

    Hi Cathy! I have 6 kids and currently only 2 grandkids... but there is a wedding approaching and my wonderfull son and his fabulous fiancee are Paleo and fit! I have embarked on this for at least some of the same reasons you list. Welcome and let's buddy!
  3. c_k_b

    Nutritional yeast?

    I feel the love. =D
  4. c_k_b

    Paleo Chowder Coconut Milk

    I am having a hard time finding fish sauce without sugar...? Any thoughts or brand suggestions? I looked at the co*op and grocery stores.
  5. c_k_b

    Nutritional yeast?

    I have been wondering about this topic, too. Nutritional (not brewers yeast) has a rich flavor- some call it cheesy- I had always used it on steamed veggies and to make healthy sauces and gravies. I see moderators have different takes on the situation... What do Melissa and Doug say?
  6. c_k_b

    Hurricane Planning

    tinned sardines, salmon, mackeral,anything with no bad stuff in it. some salamis are nitrite free and reasonable cured and keep well nori jerky sound fresh fruit dried fruit nuts coconut oil olive oil jarred or an emergency stash of tinned veggies jarred tomato/spagh sauce (read ingredients carefully- canola oil and sugar abound- awful, blech!) *if power loss- move perishables from fridge to cooler and use them first. Then keep fridge closed Plan to open freezer once. Then keep it closed- it will keep for 2 days, then you have to eat everything in the next two days- throw a party! get a grill, hibachi, camp stove- use OUTDOORS only. (in which case you could have a cache of sweet potatoes, winter squash, beets, leeks, parsnips, and onions to grill- yum! Freeze 2 L seltzer/soda bottles of fresh water NOW- use them to keep fridge and perishables in good order and then you have clean drinking water when they thaw out.
  7. c_k_b

    Started today with the Whole 30 Daily.

    (3rd W30- Day 4 here) I have tried to enjoy my coffee with almond or coconut milk, but really- I just don't have the taste for the alternative to milk or cream in what is my favorite beverage. I grind a little fresh nutmeg and sprinkle cinnamon in, too. It is reminiscent of holidays and pampering with the cheat, off-flavor, or anything. It keeps the "I know what this should taste like and it just doesn't" at bay. The kill all the things day, good for conference. Hope you enjoyed it! I have a kids program to work on today. No room for this in my day... We are close in timeline... buddy?
  8. c_k_b

    Frugal meat cuts

    See if you can go in on a side of beef with folks in your area- farmers markets or local farms are a good place to start. $3.50 hanging weight- you get bones, heart, liver etc, and great cuts and mince/ground...
  9. c_k_b

    Paleo Chowder Coconut Milk

    Sorry Tom- I forgot this link... for paleo worcestershire sauce http://paleodietlife...condiments/#s10 using coconut aminos
  10. So... A while back I made this yummy chowder. Chowders are my go-to comfort foods. I had clams and I just wanted New England Clam Chowder. I used 1/2 lb bacon (nitrate/nitrite free) cooked then diced and saved lavish on top 2 large diced onions sauteed in the delicious bacon fat (I did drain and save some of that goodness for a later date) 2 diced red peppers added to the fat and onions sauteing 3 long stalks of celery diced added to the fat onions and red peppers and all cooked until tender 2 cans of coconut milk pour into pot 1 half pint of clam broth pour into pot and bring to simmer I had a bunch of young, not bigger than a large radish really, Hakurai turnips- they became the potato-like chunks in my chowder- once the coconut milk and broth is simmering, add diced turnips and simmer for 10-15 minutes turn to low and add 1 pint of cleaned clams cook on low barely simmering for 1/2 hour, check flavor add salt and pepper as needed. A shot of worcestershire in this is good- someone suggested lemongrass and lime juice to "Thai it up". Edit- paleo worcestershire sauce- http://paleodietlife...condiments/#s10 using coconut aminos
  11. c_k_b

    preparing to join in...

    I started by clearing my pantry and fridge. It was eye opening. (Apparently, I had a noodle obsession.) I focused on foods already paleo or easy to translate or convert like pot roast, baked chicken, pork chops and applesauce, roast lamb leg, and my favorite, (Nitrite free) bacon. Then added to that repertoire as I learned more. I make a rough menu and shop on Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market. I prep food on Sunday afternoon while shmoozing with my children, their homework, and Netflix. I make darn sure I have containers to package everything for all on-the-go meals, all week. (Geez- do my kids eat those jars and tubs?!) THE MOST IMPORTANT THING= Remember to take your lunch. You can prepare it while cooking dinner or breakfast or whenever... but if you leave it on the counter, it does you no good. And, yeah- if you know you have an allergy to eggs- for the love of pete, ask your doctor.