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    c_k_b got a reaction from gboyum in Started today with the Whole 30 Daily.   
    (3rd W30- Day 4 here) I have tried to enjoy my coffee with almond or coconut milk, but really- I just don't have the taste for the alternative to milk or cream in what is my favorite beverage. I grind a little fresh nutmeg and sprinkle cinnamon in, too. It is reminiscent of holidays and pampering with the cheat, off-flavor, or anything. It keeps the "I know what this should taste like and it just doesn't" at bay.
    The kill all the things day, good for conference. Hope you enjoyed it! I have a kids program to work on today. No room for this in my day...
    We are close in timeline... buddy?
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    c_k_b reacted to Cathy Sultan Ryne in Today is the first day of the rest of my life   
    I am 58 years old, obese, have food allergies and on 5 medications to keep me going. My friend recommended I read It Starts With Food and for the first time in many years, I have hope.
    I have read the book, printed out Day 0, gone through my cupboards and am ready to start and am so scared and excited! I am filled with the "what ifs". What if I don't stick to this? What if I don't feel energetic? What if I cheat?
    I want to live and see any grandchildren my kids have. I want to live a long time healthy, athletic and medicine free.
    So - here goes!!! Wish me luck! I am now going to jump off the diving board and get started!
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    c_k_b reacted to Robin Strathdee in Nutritional yeast?   
    If you have cheese issues, and you're using it to replace cheese, Tom's got a good point. It's the same reason we don't want you guys out there making Yonanas and almond flour crackers - changing habits. That said, NY would be a diversion from the norm for me (I don't really love cheese on anything but crackers, lol), so it wouldn't be a big trigger. We all have to get to know our own buttons during this program.
    PS: Melissa and Dallas say it's fine. :0)
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    c_k_b reacted to Mads in Nutritional yeast?   
    I'm making a cashew "cheese" dipping sauce tonight that uses nutritional yeast -- it's a raw, vegan recipe that I never would have considered making if it weren't for Whole30. NY is an ingredient that is encouraging me to change my relationship with food by experimenting, using foods in new ways I didn't think were possible, and finding foods to meet both my needs and those of my (non-Whole30, professional baker) husband. How could there be anything wrong with that?
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    c_k_b reacted to jennrider in Hurricane Planning   
    We live in Houston so we are well prepared for hurricanes. I always have an extra propane tank for my grill. If you lose power, start grilling. Do you have a gas or electric stove? We have gas so we can still use it when the power fails. We keep at least two coolers full of food/ice. One for things that are less perishable and that we will need to get to often. The other contains back up items. We try not to open that cooler. Most grocery stores carry dry ice, but it might be hard to find right now. Veggies should make it a few days at room temp. Fresh eggs from a farm can sit on the counter for a couple of weeks. We usually start bagging ice from our ice maker a few days out. This helps if the ice sells out. I would stock tuna, canned chicken, etc. any frozen meals (cooked) are going to take a few days to thaw if the power goes. My grandmother (she's 98) told me that as long as the middle of something is still frozen, the food can freeze the rest of the way again. You may luck out on finding veggies after the storm as most people don't buy those when they are in freak out hoarding mode. Milk, bread, pasta usually go first. Good luck and stay safe!
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    c_k_b reacted to gboyum in Started today with the Whole 30 Daily.   
    Day 4 already! So far so good, as I mentioned I ate generally healthy before so I don't think my withdrawal has been very bad. I was VERY cranky day one, and just tired the last couple of days but that could be from kids waking during the night as well. Tomorrow I have a day-long seminar that I am a little worried about, breakfast and lunch are provided, and I'm sure they are not going to be compliant, so I am planning on bringing some hard boiled eggs with. Also I think day 5 was the "kill everything" day and I am hoping I can deal with that at the seminar.
    Also, today I purchased my first jars of coconut oil and coconut milk. I found it to be rather tasty just out of the jar (I also enjoy fresh pastured butter straight but none of that for the next month!). I miss my morning latte, so tomorrow I am going to try espresso with coconut milk.
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    c_k_b reacted to gboyum in Started today with the Whole 30 Daily.   
    Started my first Whole 30 today. I have been telling myself I was going to do this for a few months now and the Whole 30 Daily gave me the incentive to actually start.
    What I have working for me: I have been fallowing a WAP type diet for over the last year. I run a small farming operation with my husband so we generally produce everything we eat, and I know exactly where my meat comes from and what it ate.
    What I have working against me: Two kids, husband, job, and the Dairy Queen!
    While in my 20's I was pretty athletic and ran most days of the week, I ate pretty healthy but didn't hesitate to treat myself ever. I was able to maintain a pretty healthy weight and felt good most of the time. Graduate school, two kids, and one career later I can't seem to feel "healthy" ever. I feel pretty stressed and tired most of the time, my skin is dull and splotchy, I have permanent dark circles under my eyes, and I have about 20 lbs of baby weight still hanging on. I don't have time to dedicate myself to an exercise like I used too either.
    I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of the importance of good food, but don't always follow through. I am hoping this program can help me get on track.
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    c_k_b reacted to Tom Denham in Paleo Chowder Coconut Milk   
    If you sub coconut aminos for the soy sauce in the paleodietlife recipe, it would work. I might just add fish sauce and coconut aminos to the clam chowder and give up on the worcestershire sauce.
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    c_k_b reacted to Tom Denham in Paleo Chowder Coconut Milk   
    The recipe sounds great. Worcestershire sauce is not Whole30-compliant - molasses, corn syrup, sugar, etc. are off limits.
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    c_k_b reacted to Carrie A 'Thompson' Snyder in A good substitute for cornstarch?   
    Thanks Renee. Yes, it is pure starch which is why I thought it would make a great substitute for cornstarch. But i hadn't come across whether it was a yeah or neah with whole30. When I read "the paleo diet" by loren cordain they said to avoid tapioca without really explaining their reasoning but one can assume it is because of the high starch content since it is gluten free. My girls love homemade tapioca pudding but I have been avoiding making it since we are trying to decrease milk in their diet. I found a recipe at www.grassfedgirl.com that I will have to try sometime that uses coconut milk.