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  1. Hi, orginal poster here. I figured it out a few years ago- Electrolyte imbalance. Low electrolytes affect the adrenals-hello stress. I need to consume 1 tsp of Redmond’s real salt in water a day, salt my water, and have 7-10 cups of leafy veggies or cruciferous a day (potassium). I also use a ton of nutritional yeast (b vitamins). Since this post from 2015, I’ve done handfuls of whole 30 plus Paleo Keto and feeling great! Hope this helps!!
  2. Day 18, and I'm happy to report no anxiety or depression, no tmj-like symptoms, fatigue, sleep disruption. It was tough working through that, but I'm over the hump. Totally agree there are other ways to reward yourself besides food, just takes a little rewiring!
  3. Hey Tom, thanks for the feedback. I need to keep track of my water intake better and sleep more. Ladyshanny, I didn't realize that could be a thing! But yeah, I could eat a whole box of cookies probably when I'm stressed, and although I knew "hey this isn't normal", I didn't worry too much because I'm not overweight (thanks to thyroid and nursing). Any tips to make it through this? Self care obviously, but this will pass right? I'm not fun to be around currently. Thanks!
  4. I'm on day 15, doing this program hoping to help my thyroid and skin issues, energy, sleep, mood, etc. I have noticed the last week my anxiety And depression getting worse-like haven't experienced this in years. I also had my first ever panic attack a few nights ago. I'm eating 2 sweet potatoes a day, 1-2 avocados a day, following the meal template to the t. I'm nursing so I'm having 4-5 meals a day. I'm not afraid to eat here. Sample meals: 3 eggs, whole sweet potato, half banana, half avocado, some nightshades. Turkey lettuce wraps with guac and hot sauce, handfuls of carrots 2 pieces white fish, zucchini noodles (a whole zucchini), whole avocado, whole sweet potato. Snacks would be hard boiled eggs, veggies, fruit, olives. What is going on?