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    Running, Bikram Yoga, TRX, Dance, spin, clean cooking, writing for my website www.allthingsyogi.com, going out in Minneapolis, psychology, and reading about the latest in nutrition.
  1. Today is Day #1 of my Whole 30 round 3! I am excited to dedicate the next month to learning more about myself and my relationship with food! To a happy and healthy life!
  2. Candice@allthingsyogi

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    My Blog is about nutrition, goal setting, and fitness! Check it out at www.allthingsyogi.com
  3. Refer your nephew to these sites: www.allthingsyogi.com and http://calmmindkitchen.com/ I think he will find information here regarding taking control of his life and eating in a way that can better manage his challenges. I deffinitely support the Whole 30 and helping decrease anxiety and depression.
  4. http://paleosavvy.com/?doing_wp_cron=1359388883.1454620361328125000000
  5. "I basically gave myself a kick in the pants and said, do you want to be an obese spectator and feel sorry for yourself for the rest of your life, or do you want to be the hero of your own story and do whatever it takes to reach your dreams." ^ amazing!
  6. Hey Whole 30'ers Say, questions for you: Does anyone suffer from anxiety and or depression and can share helpful lifestyle tweaks that have helped aleviate or benefitted them? I struggle with anxiety and have found the following to be helpful: Whole 30: no dairy, no grains Meditation Yoga Running Lighting Candles Good nights sleep deep breathing journaling
  7. celery, carrots, apples, and almond butter
  8. normal and because you have recently quit smoking it is going to be more difficult. Hang in there! its worth it.
  9. hot yoga=bliss I like to do 1-2 classes a week along with cross training!
  10. Try something a little easier on your tummy. I like sweet potatoes in the morning with a little almond butter or a sliced banana with almond butter and cinnamon. Do a little experiment and try new foods until you find a breakfast option that gives you energy for the day and does not turn your stomach upside down !
  11. Yes, it is all possible. I dont feel bad for being picky at restaurants because we should be picky about what we feed our bodies (our engines)
  12. Whole 30 gives you a set platform that enables you to rid yourself of potentially harmful foods and find foods that work for you and your body. Also, one of the main differences I have experienced is no peanuts or peanut butter (a rather common household food item) Whole 30 is worth it because you are worth it
  13. or one of my faves in PA http://lyfekitchen.com/