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    my fav.
    so what do you eat?
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    Refer your nephew to these sites:
    I think he will find information here regarding taking control of his life and eating in a way that can better manage his challenges. I deffinitely support the Whole 30 and helping decrease anxiety and depression.
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    @xacerb8. Thanks for sharing your story and being willing to keep me posted. I'm starting to see so many common threads in these posts. I'm also seeing that as with your 11 year-old, the anxiety around "deprivation", is a common issue, or what my nephew calls "anxiety about anxiety."
    The latest is my wife and I have asked him if he'd like to move in with us for 30 days to give him a leg up while he does a Whole30. He currently lives with his dad and neither of them really cook. He really wants to take us up on the idea but confesses he's scared to death that a radical change in his sugar/caffeine laden "comfort food" routine will set off his anxiety. So the challenge is getting through those first few weeks (which was hard enough for me during my Whole30) but may be a whole different animal with an anxious person. He is doing CBT and one-on-one therapy so maybe the "village" can get him through the rough patches to some sort of tangible, positive effect on his anxiety. From everything I've gleaned from the responses to this topic, I'm optimistic.
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    I've searched the forum for "anxiety/depression" discussions but am hoping there are some additional ,compelling stories out there that credit Whole30 directly as a key source of healing. I have a young nephew with diagnosed and severe sleep apnea combined with anxiety disorder. He turned to alcohol (and food) to stabilize his anxiety until drinking became THE issue and he stopped 4 months ago, which immediately made his anxiety worse. In lieu of alcohol, food's now his go-to mechanism for calming himself down, (no prescribed meds have worked). Quite the full plate for 26 year-old.
    I'd like to point him to some food-related success stories to bolster the case that maybe Whole30 would be a good way to identify any sensitivities that are compounding his anxiety issues, and maybe other conditions as well. It's been a tough sell so far—food, sugar mainly, seems like the last bastian of comfort for him, so he's reluctant to consider doing without it. I get it, I'm a fellow sugar/carb addict, on Day 10 of my own first Whole30, but a long time "foodie" and Paleo cheerleader.
    This is a brilliant, gentle, funny, talented kid whose life is being stolen by daily struggles with what could be his own biochemistry. If that is the case, I'm sure Whole30 could have a dramatic impact. I've evangelized all I can, hoping some of you have some personal and/or relevant anecdotal experience I can share with him.
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    my fav.
    so what do you eat?
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    I would go to Costa Rica (we've been trying to plan a trip there for ages). We'd rent a house on the beach, close enough to town that we could hit the market for fresh produce and fish. Our house would have an awesome kitchen, where we'd cook all of our own food... but we'd also have daily cleaning service, so we never had to clean up after ourselves.
    Fresh fish and seafood, mango salsa (we'd go during mango season, of course), fruit smoothies (because when you're on vacation, it's okay to go a little crazy), and tons and tons of fresh salads, because when I'm south of the border, I'm always craving greens.
    There would also be this little place in town that served pulled pork, chicken, and beef, and they could make us lettuce tacos with fresh salsa and mole sauce any time we asked. Yum.
    I'd focus a ton of fun and play, and surf, paddleboard, and do yoga. There would also be awesome mountain biking trails nearby in the hills (hey, it's MY vacation), and we'd take our bikes up there a few times, too.
    And we'd find an awesome, giant boat to take us fishing and snorkeling, and we'd eat fish we caught right off the boat, sushi-style. I forgot about that part.