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  1. Alana in Canada

    Ideas for packable snacks

    Thanks, ladies! I just wanted to let you know how it's working out, so far. I am packing wonderful lunchesof "leftovers." I microwave them on a plat at work. (The other day, I had squash, cauliflower rice and a roasted chicken thigh). I like to take a big salad with some protein in it--leftover chicken, a boiled egg or, in a pinch, a can of tuna (which I open when I get there.) It is Day 11 for me and things are just starting to even out so that I don't feel like I HAVE to have a snack, but if I do, then I do. My hours are quite erratic. So, for example, I'll go in for a shift from 10am to 5pm, but my first break at 12 is also "time for lunch" so I'll wolf my salad during my 15 minute break. I am also finding that it takes less than I thought to satisfy that hunger when it does come up. For example, on that same day, I'd had breakfast at 7am, and then worked out. I found between 9 and 10--while I was on my way to work, I was feeling my stomach calling out for something. A few cashews was all it took. (And I mean a few. About three). I was shocked and happily surprised. I am quite overweight, so my hormones are completely whacked out. I think they are beginning to normalize.
  2. Alana in Canada

    Gall stones and the whole 30: advise, please

    During this whole30, I didn't bother with making ghee--thanks to Robin's suggestion, I'm just using coconut oil where I would normally have butter on my veggies. I think it may be helping. I am also being careful with pork fat. That means I trim it off as much as possible either before or after cooking depending on the cut. Things are going well, so far--no pain. Once or twice, when I have felt like I might be getting "heartburn" (my first clue things are starting up) I have a tablespoon of apple-cider vinegar. I wait to see if things settle down and if not, I take another. (This only happened once, though) Awful....but waaaaaaaaaaaay better than three or four days of pain! Just thought I'd pass that along.
  3. Alana in Canada

    Ideas for packable snacks

    oh yum! Thanks ladies. I did my whole 30 over a year ago and I hadn't re-read the book yet. I'd forgotten about the "no snacks" rule. Lunch can be 1/2hour to 1 hour depending on the length of my shift, so no worries, there. Thanks for your fabulous suggestions.
  4. Alana in Canada

    Ideas for packable snacks

    Hi, I don't know why I can't think of any beyond cashews and raisins, and jerky (and I am not a fan of jerky), but I am drawing a blank. (I can get into trouble with the cashews and raisins, too.) At work I can only eat on my break in the lunchroom--I have 15 minutes. Currently, I eat canned peaches or a yogurt along with a home made muffin--obviously, that has to change during the whole30. I'm sure there's lots of things I can eat--just need a nudge. Thanks.
  5. Alana in Canada

    Gall stones and the whole 30: advise, please

    Thanks Robin! Nicet o "see" you again. I'll look up some MTC's.
  6. Alana in Canada

    Gall stones and the whole 30: advise, please

    That was interesting, Miss Mary. Thank you. I was glad to be reminded of the role my gallbladder plays in absorbing fat soluble vitamins. I guess my question is, when I am on a whole30 --what can I do to help myself feel satiety if I can't eat as much fat as I would otherwise want? I am also now working at a job where I can only eat at set times (and I willobviously have to bring my food --no more relying on the vending machine!) --so it's really important to me to know I can survive without hunger building up to an uncontrollable degree.....
  7. Hi! I did a whole 60 last year--in October and November. I followed a fairly low carb regimen until May when I was told I had tiny gall stones and would need to have surgery to remove my gall bladder. At that time, I declined. It had been a relief to get the diagnosis, however. From about the third week of the whole60 and about every four or five weeks after that--like clockwork!--I would suffer horribly. The last attack--in May had me bedridden for five solid days of pain. I lost 10 pounds that week. I had LOVED the fat I'd eaten while on the whole30 (and subsequently). --But, because of the gallstones, I stopped eating it--and started filling up on pasta, rice, legumes and potatoes, again. I gained all the weight I'd lost too. (40 pounds in all, from October to May, not counting that last 10. I'm a big girl--I could stand to lose more.) ANYWAY--thanks for sticking with me-- I want to start a whole30 in January but I am scared to death I may bring on another gall stone attack. As well, I'm afraid that if I do a low-fat version of the whole30, I will feel hungry. That will significantly sabotage my success. What would you advise? TIA
  8. Alana in Canada

    First time on whole30, determined!

    Welcome to both of you! Great to see you.
  9. Alana in Canada

    W30 and "morbid obesity"

    I was 250 something at 5'5" tall at the beginning of my whole 60. When I finished it I was 227. I also think I can see a waist. 1. At this level of obesity I don't believe it is necessary to count calories, count points, or weigh and measure portions. Eating the whole30 way eliminates the whole glucose/insulin roller coaster and allows your body to actually go and get and use all that fat it's been storing for you. 2. Remember, though, it starts with food. Sleep--especially for weight loss--is crucial. Really. It also helps you resist any cravings you may have. 3. So is managing stress. There's nothing like stress to signal your body to hang on to every ounce it has. Therefore--exercise only as much as you want. Try not to want to do more. (Excercise is stressful. I like no more than about 1/2 hour every other day with weight bearing excercise 2x a week. (Maybe 3. We'll see.) Meditating helps, too. Once you reach overweight, things may change--I don't know, I'm not there yet! But I will also tell you that it doesn't take a whole lot to start putting pounds back on. I am currently 230--I gained 7 pounds in the last week because of all those Christmas Carbohydrates. Of course,I'm also just 2 weeks shy of my 49th birthday, so if you're younger, your mileage will certainly vary!
  10. Alana in Canada

    Sourcing freezer paper

    Robb didn't mention what would be OK. To be fair, the example he used concerned walking into 7-11 and microwavinga burritto wrapped in plastic. I extrapolated. I have been trying to remember to take food out "in time" but, sadly, it's proving to be really difficult for me to develop this new habit! Seriously, Safeway? I'm surprised. I'll take a closer look next time we're there. Thanks.
  11. Alana in Canada

    Sourcing freezer paper

    Not exactly sure where to put this question, but here's as good a place as any, I guess. I buy my meat in bulk and weigh it out into it in one pound and 1 1/2 pound portions. Then I freeze it in a ziploc bag. When I need some, I take it out of the freezer and throw it in the microwave. I was listening to Robb Wolff last week and he mentioned that microwaving your food in plastic is the best way to blast plastic particles into it. Not the healthiest thing to do. Sooooo...where would I go to find butcher paper? I have no clue.
  12. Alana in Canada

    Post-Menopausal Couch-Potato Gives It A Go

    Welcome! I'm not quite post-menopausal, yet, but I had great success on my first whole 30 with being able to start exercising--as in, before the whole30, my joints hurt so much after 15 minutes of walking that I felt crippled for the rest of the day. The whole30 cleared that right up. How do I know it was the whole 30 and not just the weight loss? I didn't until til week... I am no longer doing my whole30 and the pain is starting to return--it's just in my hips at the moment making sleep difficult.
  13. Alana in Canada

    Newfoundlanders? Venting and advice/help.

    A walmart whole7 would be awesome, Tom.
  14. Alana in Canada

    Dairy again, but different this time

    When you say you have a stuffy nose, do you mean you have sinus congestion? Lack of proper humidity can cause that. I found that my nose dripped in reaction to piping hot food. It was odd and somewhat inconvenient. Post again to the sinus thread--that will bring it back up on "new content" which is the only way I navigate the boards, now.
  15. Alana in Canada

    Day 24 and I'm soooo over it...

    I'm sorry you are having a tough time of it! I got sick at the end of my whole 30. Hang in there--the magic may happen yet. Don't chaet yourself out of it. Bone broth and veggies sound perfect.