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    Here in Canada, golden risins are also known as Sultanas, too. Took me forever to realise they were the same thing. Dark Raisins are called Thompson Raisins. I have no iea why.
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    Significant Weightloss on Whole30??

    I am conflicted about responding to this thread. Weight loss is different for all of us. Losing a lot of bloat will translate into losing a lot of pounds: but there not really "fat" loss pounds, kwim? Secondly, we all start from different places of excess fat and weight. The whole 30 will affect us differently given where we started from--and how "clean" our diets were in the first plce. Thirdly, are the pounds really "lost" when they come back again? What I want is sustainable fat loss--I'd rather keep the pounds than lose them and then "find| them again. Lastly, there are some who gain on the whole30 and that's an option, too, a good one especially for those who need it. That said, I am thrilled beyond belief that after my whole60, I have lost 10% of my body weight--or 25 lbs. I plan to continue to use this program as a weight loss protocol after the new year.