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    Since I am eating real, whole, healthy nutritious foods that promote health, happiness, and overall good feelings, whatever weight or other measurements my body naturally falls into will be the healthiest weight and size for me, and because I am eating to fuel my body and eating as many calories as my body needs to function and thrive, whatever weight and size I fall into will be naturally sustainable and maintainable by simply continuing to live the Whole 30 way. So, instead of stressing about how many calories I think I'm taking in (I am not actually counting) and whether I may be gaining or losing weight, I am going to work on being happy with my food choices, and be happy with whatever weight, size, and measurements my body naturally falls into by following this lifestyle.

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  1. Alisonlcarver

    Day 2....already tired of being in my kitchen

    I love the suggestions here. I love batch cooking, but kindof smaller batches so my husband and I are not eating the same thing ALL WEEK. Often when I make a large pot of chili I will portion out single servings in individual containers for work or dinner. It's so easy to just put the container into a bag and add either a fat or veggie to make it template worthy. I also pre-cut veggies for the whole week and put them in individual zipper bags so that I can either throw them in with my lunch or eat them at home as part of a mini meal or with dinner. The prep work on the weekend definitely makes the time saved during the week worth it. I do still cook during the week, but make sure these are 'easy' meals, like brown some ground beef and onions, add some canned tomatoes and green chiles and spices, then place this in a bowl with shredded lettuce, cut up tomatoes/black olives/avocadoes and top with spicy mayonnaise. This involves minimal chopping, minimal cooking, and is extremely delicious. When I make this I use 1 pound of ground beef to portion out 4 meals. This makes dinner for the night and lunch for the next day for two people. Convenient foods will help you here too. I buy frozen fish (look at the labels of course) and they bake from frozen. As the fish is baking, I roast some broccoli and throw some ingredients together to make homemade tarter sauce. It's fast, easy, and delicious. I think it is important to have a list of meals that you can throw together quickly with ingredients that you often have on hand. But like everyone has been saying, it is also great to batch cook and eat on this throughout the week, and even freeze some for later. I like to keep myself organized by placing post-its on my fridge with 'protein', 'veggies', and 'fat.' I write down what I have in my fridge, freezer, and cabinets so that if I am feeling super unmotivated to cook I can just pick one thing from each post-it, place it on a plate, and eat. Super quick template meal. This creates some pretty random meals sometimes, like scrambled eggs, celery/carrots/tomatoes, and avocado...or it could be shrimp, green beans, and olives. As long as it fits the template, it works!
  2. Alisonlcarver

    LCHF pre- and post-WO questions

    Oh I'm sorry. I should have known that. Thank you.
  3. I have completed a few Whole 30's and now want to try LCHF for better blood sugar/insulin management and flexibility with workout fueling. I'm wondering about the workout meals here. I am training for a marathon, do 5 days of cardio and currently no strength. Two rest days scheduled in. I plan to continue to eat only Whole 30 foods, not eating anything off-plan. But in addition, I am going to try LCHF for 30 days. First, is a pre-WO meal during LCHF necessary? Second, what are options for post-WO meals when LCHF? Just the lean protein, since I am avoiding starchy carbs?
  4. Alisonlcarver

    How to make homemade mayonnaise

    If I want a room temperature egg quickly, I just put it in a small container and run some warm water over it and let it sit in that bath for a few minutes.
  5. Alisonlcarver

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    You know someone is doing a Whole 30 when they want to make mayonnaise with an immersion blender but they don't want to wake up their husband who is sleeping in the apartment bedroom adjacent to the kitchen, so they go to the second bedroom, close the door, then go into the bathroom, close the door, and make their loud mayonnaise within the confines of the bathroom. I may have just done this... What! I needed a mayo fix!
  6. Alisonlcarver

    Low carb, lots of cardio--healthy?

    Jmcbn--thanks again. I previously misunderstood you, thinking you were asking me to forgo the pre-WO meal. I understand now--thanks for the clarification. Today is a 14-mile run so I'm planning on having my pre-WO meal and *bringing* some during-run glucose but being mindful of how I feel mid-run. If I feel the need to eat, I will. But I will not eat because I think I have to. You are right--I should be able to tap into my fat stores. Thanks for the low-fructose link. Very helpful.
  7. Alisonlcarver

    Low carb, lots of cardio--healthy?

    1. should be able to tap into it's fat stores by now--I am eating the pre-WO meal, still according to the template guidelines. I haven't strayed too far from the guidelines, as this worked really well for me during my most recent Whole 30. Since the template says to eat a protein pre-WO with some fat if desired, that's the only reason I eat it--because it seems to work. But what you say about the protein and fat peaking 2-4 hours after I eat it makes me think that maybe I am not utilizing it during my runs at all. Usually on the weekends if I eat M1 within 2 hours of my run I don't always have another pre-WO meal, but on long runs I am concerned that I will run out of steam and hit the wall, like you said. I know that I am fat-adapted so I could try not eating immediately before my run and just see how my body responds to that. It's like the Pavlovian principle, I think--pre-run I anticipate eating at least a little bit of food so I want it, and maybe even the thought of eating pre-WO has me secreting insulin which is making me hungrier for a pre-WO meal. Only one way to find out... 2. Do you feel you need those carbs?--I do feel that I need them during my long runs (anything longer than 1 1/2 hour). The longest run that I have attempted without a during-run carb is 8 miles. I do tend to get hungry around the 90-minute mark, so in order to stave off hunger I eat around the :50-1:00 mark and then again around the 1:30-2:00 mark, depending on how I feel. I don't know if I am interested in attempting a long run without during the run mini meals of glucose. I'm no athlete, not even close, but I don't want my performance or stamina to suffer because I am not fueling (or re-filling my stores, I guess.) I am not interested in eating the guu gels or whatever they are, but am thinking of using unsweetened applesauce or salted dates or even Larabars during my run. However--I am learning A LOT about the detrimental effects of fructose though, and have been thinking about consuming less fructose and more glucose to maintain my glycogen stores during the long runs. Any references you two would recommend on low-fructose fruits? I'm thinking berries for fruits or butternut squash or sweet potato dices for veggies. I tried carrots, but felt like I might choke on them mid-run and it ended up taking me 30 minutes to finish a snack-sized bag of carrots. Not what I want to be focusing on during a long run. 3. the recommendation in sports nutritional circles is for 25-50g protein--I ran out of canned tuna and salmon recently and haven't replenished my cabinets. Doh. I am thinking a 5 oz. can of each fits within this range though. I'll have to check the nutrition label the next time I get one. As far as upping my post-WO starchy carb intake, I could totally do that. I have no problem eating MORE starch! 4. leave the morning starchy carbs (& any fruit) until later in the day,--I have heard this before, to leave starchy carbs for later in the day. This makes total sense. Better blood sugar regulation is a huge bonus. I don't suffer from blood sugar swings but have a history of a wicked sugar dragon, so any help here is appreciated. Makes total sense to first deplete topped-up glycogen stores before replenishing them. I can definitely do this. I have also read that eating starchy carbs near the end of the day helps with sleep--true?? 5. I just listen to my body & do what works for ME--this is definitely something that the Whole 30 has taught me to do. I'm still working on it, but I have gained mindfulness and the ability to tweak what I eat based on how I perform and feel. Some of the best, most memorable advice I was given early on during the start of my most recent Whole 30 was to "eat, assess, and tweak." I can't remember who gave me this advice. I need to look and thank whoever that was because I use that advice ALL THE TIME. 6. for every book/research article you've read extolling the values of a LCHF lifestyle there will be one (or maybe even two!) to counter that argument.--Yes, the research can be confusing. I try to follow the ones backed by science, not funded by big businesses and companies that have their best interest at stake. Right now I am reading "Why we get fat" by Gary Taubes. Genius. Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it.
  8. The more I read, the more it sounds like low carb, high fat, moderate protein is the healthiest way to eat. Does anyone have any experience or advice on eating this way, while doing lots of cardio? I'm currently training for a marathon. Four runs plus one crosstrain day a week. Currently no additional strength, but I need to work on that. Should I keep up my normal way of eating which is very healthy and still completely Whole 30, even though I'm on day 43 currently, or will low carb provide a benefit to me? A typical day for me is M1: 3 scrambled eggs in 1 tsp. ghee with either my fill of roasted butternut squash or 1 large sweet potato with 1/2 avocado and Tessemae's ketchup Pre-WO: 1-2 HB eggs, sometimes with a gob of mayo (If I run longer than 90 minutes, I eat an unsweetened applesauce pouch at the :50 mark and then again at the 1:30-2:00 mark if I am still going. If I run less than 8 miles, no during workout food.) Post-WO: 1 (5 oz.) can of compliant tuna or salmon with either a piece of fruit or 1/2 baked sweet potato, plain M2: usually something like homemade chicken salad using homemade mayo, salad with lots of veggies and olive oil/balsamic vinegar M3: usually either chocolate chili with sides of grape tomatoes, black olives, 1/2 avocado and spicy mayonnaise, OR 6 oz. of baked fish with roasted broccoli and homemade tarter sauce with an ocassional piece of fruit and herbal tea Usually 0-3 pieces of fruit per day, and usually 1-2 starchy carbs per day.
  9. Alisonlcarver

    Carbs on rest days

    I'm still getting the hang of the Whole 30 and like more expert feedback than I can provide myself.
  10. Alisonlcarver

    Carbs on rest days

    I feel great.
  11. Alisonlcarver

    Carbs on rest days

    I am very active. I am training for a marathon and exercise 5 days per week--cardio only. I run anywhere from 4 miles to 14 miles a day. Two days a week are rest days. I eat a fairly large amount of starchy carbs from sweet potatoes and butternut squash. What are your thoughts on eating these on rest days? A typical day (veggies only listed here) for me includes butternut squash with sugar-free ketchup at breakfast, lots of salad veggies for lunch often including beets, and a sweet potato with dinner. Like I said, lots of starch. I also eat protein and fat at each meal, to satiety. I also eat 0-3 pieces of fruit a day, and usually 1-2 on average.
  12. Alisonlcarver

    Brewed Cocao if I have a sweet tooth

    Yup. Not the *exact* same addictive effect as caffeine, but the more you drink it, the more it does create a dependence.
  13. Alisonlcarver

    Favorite Deviled Eggs Recipes?

    LucieB-- Ding ding ding! And we have a winner! I am so making these for Christmas. I looooove butternut squash. These are right up my alley. Thank you!
  14. Alisonlcarver

    Join A 2016 Whole9 Challenge!

    I am interested!
  15. Alisonlcarver

    Favorite Deviled Eggs Recipes?

    I'm sorry. Is there such a thing? Haha, just kidding. Thanks Art!