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    Since I am eating real, whole, healthy nutritious foods that promote health, happiness, and overall good feelings, whatever weight or other measurements my body naturally falls into will be the healthiest weight and size for me, and because I am eating to fuel my body and eating as many calories as my body needs to function and thrive, whatever weight and size I fall into will be naturally sustainable and maintainable by simply continuing to live the Whole 30 way. So, instead of stressing about how many calories I think I'm taking in (I am not actually counting) and whether I may be gaining or losing weight, I am going to work on being happy with my food choices, and be happy with whatever weight, size, and measurements my body naturally falls into by following this lifestyle.

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  1. I love this. I just built my Whole 30 Dream Vacation in my mind and I felt like I was almost there. Since a Whole 30 vacation is not about traveling to get local foods (like pasta from Italy, Navajo tacos from the Midwest USA, or pizza/bagels/cheesecake from NYC), I am focusing my vacation on other factors. It's strange--usually one of the first things I think of when planning a vacation is food, and I plan what restaurants I want to visit. But, with this exercise, I am focusing on other things besides food. How refreshing! Where I would go: a resort on a beautiful beach, either in the Virgi
  2. Is this the reason why pictures can also not be posted in post replies, too? I started having an issue with this yesterday out of the blue.