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    I'm not sure where to post this, but I just finished my first Whole 30 and I was feeling pretty good, except that I was having a few annoying GI/skin issues. I ignored the problems, as overall I was feeling energetic. Then I gave my 1 year old some cashew butter (he had had it before) and he had a full blown allergic reaction with face swelling and hives. We had him tested and he is, in fact, allergic to cashews. This led me to do some reading about cashews and allergies and what I found out was pretty surprising. For instance, cashews are right behind peanuts in allergy potential and contain several irritant compounds, that if not processed out completely can cause some serious reactions even in those without a true "allergy". Cashews are members of the same family as poison ivy, oak and sumac. After reading further I realized that my lingering GI issues and a rather embarrassing dematitis (rash) are consistent with a sensitivity to cashews. So my question for you the creators and forum is, if we are trying to eliminate all causes of inflammation, even potential causes, why is the cashew allowed and even encouraged in the Whole30? I ended up not eliminating inflammation from my body, but as a person who was pretty healthy with no GI issues (just needed to eliminate that nasty sugar habit), I actually ended up inducing a good amount of inflammation into my body. Directly counter to the intended goal of the program. To say I am disappointed after 30 days of eating clean would be an understatement. Here's the information I found: http://www.phadia.com/en/Products/Allergy-testing-products/ImmunoCAP-Allergen-Information/Food-of-Plant-Origin/Seeds--Nuts/Cashew-nut-/