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  1. Suncat

    Day 29 and just a little amazed at myself...

    Good for you, Murraygold! Personally, I think it is more dangerous to get tied up with doing something perfectly than to do the best I can. I would hate that someone in the future might miss out on the amazing benefits of this program because they can't weigh themselves. That said, I am a hard-core rule follower and did NOT weigh. I have years of food "issues" (to say the least) and I am happiest when I don't weigh AT ALL. I figure if I do what's right for my body, my weight and shape are none of my business. This is so freeing! My husband, on the other hand, weighs daily and is completely normal. All the rules aside, you did an amazing job and should be very proud of yourself. Congratulations!
  2. Suncat

    Day 25 and Feeling HORRIBLE

    Thanks, Ladies. I just heard there is a virus going around. I will not be going to the doctor, where they will give me antibiotics, but WILL be using my essential oils. Will make sure I have enough fat and veggies in my diet and limit fruit and eliminate cashews. It can only get better from here. Odd what Munkers said about the dragon, because the cashew urge hits right around the time when my sugar cravings used to hit. Weird, because this didn't happen the first two weeks. I appreciate all of you!
  3. Suncat

    Day 25 and Feeling HORRIBLE

    Thanks, Shannon. To clarify, I consider myself pretty much cured from fibro. If I ever do have a flare (maybe once a year), it lasts only a day or so. A typical day of food is two eggs and a grass-fed hamburger patty for breakfast (lots of black coffee, mostly decaf). Baked fish with veggies and honeydew/cucumber salsa, some guacamole and zucchini sticks for lunch. A few chunks of pineapple and frozen berry smoothie before swimming. Sautéed chicken and roasted potatoes for dinner. Some days I do have cashews (too many cashews), but I am not going to eat them any more. Last night I had a good bit of watermelon for dinner because I was simply too ill and it too much pain to cook. I swim three times a week and by no means overdo it. I drink a half gallon or more of water every day. I make my own food, so no hidden sugars. I doubt I have the flu because it has lasted over a week and is getting worse. Besides, there are some days I feel better than others. The only reason I did this plan was to get healthier for an upcoming trip to Alaska, but quite honestly I feel I'm going backwards. I don't understand how getting rid of grains, legumes, dairy and sugar can make me feel worse than when I started. I appreciate your help.
  4. Suncat


    I am on day 25 and about day 15 I started craving cashews like crazy. I have eaten so many of them and now I feel absolutely terrible! I thought since I was craving them that I might need something in them, but now I am worried.
  5. Please help--I'm ready to give up. Noticing positive changes (with blood pressure, sugar cravings, headaches), but for the past two weeks I feel awful, esp at night. Horrible fibromyalgia flare (haven't had in years), muscle aches, exhaustion, sore throat, swollen glands. Feel like I have the flu. Eating, sleeping and hydrating well. What is going on? I had so hoped to feel better by now. Fierce cravings for cashews. Magnesium? I really appreciate any insight.