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  1. MeganSchallom

    Starting February 11, 2019 -- Join in!

    Why is it so hard to maintain! I feel you! I started yesterday so just one day behind you. I'm planning on continuing until May. I may do the reintroduction after 30 days and just stick with what makes me feel best. Do you have thoughts of what you want to do after 30 days?
  2. MeganSchallom

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Ash Wednesday was a breeze because how easy is it to not eat bad when you know you have to fast? Thursday morning - good breakfast. Thursday lunch- good. Thursday snack, HAD TO SNACK. Wanted to Eat All Things! Which led to me not eating dinner. Bad.. Today I had a good breakfast and am prepared for lunch. It's all veggies today. I am frustrated right now with my family. I am traveling home for the weekend and asked if they were going grocery shopping and what was for dinner. It was a big ordeal. Not supportive at first but tonight we'll have spaghetti squash. Hopefully this is the worst it gets from people outside the whole30 community! Happy Friday. Keep staying strong!
  3. MeganSchallom

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Would anyone want to get a GroupMe message going? Just the extra boost to hold each other accountable. Let me know and I'll start one!
  4. MeganSchallom

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Excited to see others starting tomorrow with me! Enjoy Fat Tuesday
  5. MeganSchallom

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Hi All! I have tried and have not fully completed a Whole30. For Lent, I am only allowing myself to watch TV for 2 hours a day. With my extra time, I will spend time in the kitchen and bettering my health inside and out. I will have 30 days of Whole30 and 10 days of reintroduction. I will be going along with the Day by Day book and reading It Starts with Food and Food Freedom. Anyone else starting on Feb 14? Looking forward to a rewarding experience!
  6. MeganSchallom

    Starting Whole30 on February 15 for R1

    Doing Whole30 for Lent as well! 30 days plus 10 days reintroduction! Good luck!