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  1. pickle14

    Lyme Disease

    Thanks for the feedback. I was supposed to be treated for a year or more, so this is a little disconcerting. But, onward. I have an appt for a second opinion in a couple of weeks. I have been looking for a practitioner who can generate an herbal treatment program. I just don't do well with pills on so many levels. My body does not metabolize medication like the average person. I am glad to hear you are feeling better. I will too, in fact I do feel a bit better since I first posted this. Lyme is a series of ups and downs. More like two steps forward and one step back. I can measure progress however. So that is a good thing. Unfortunately I live in a very remote part of the country, so alternative practitioners are few and far between. I will continue my search however!
  2. pickle14

    Lyme Disease

    Yes, I am under the care of a physician. The GERD is a gift from 3 months of prescribed antibiotics unfortunately. It began 2 weeks into this Whole30 round. I will continue to plug along here. I have to realize that chronic Lyme that has infected muscle is not going to heal from 30 days of clean eating! Still looking for an easy fix to a complicated disease I guess! On the plus side giving up sugar and wheat can only be a good thing. I will do the slow roll reintroduction when I'm ready. But no wheat, ever, if I can help it. I'm curious about dairy mostly, I miss my probiotic yogurts. I'm looking for foods that contain probiotics along with probiotic supplements. I can see how acupuncture might help with some symptoms caused by Lyme, but I cannot see how acupuncture could eradicate a bacterial infection. Thanks for the replies!
  3. I am struggling right now with Lyme Disease. I began my Whole30 December 26th and while I am less bloated, I now have GERD. I believe this is a result of 3 month of antibiotics, which I have now stopped taking. As this is chronic Lyme, I have concerns about where my health is going. Emotionally I am spent. This is Day 17 for me, and not my first rodeo. I have done a couple of Whole30's before. One resulted in the wonderful tiger blood, but since the lyme infection I have been unable to get my energy back. Anyone else out there battling Lyme? or some other vector born illness?