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    cycling, yoga, reading, and laughing. Sometimes I run and swim due to peer pressure. ;-)
  1. Cory Redmond

    crashing during my workout (=_=)

    I do the boiled eggs and nuts too...but for longer events, I actually take small packets of guacamole and thin sliced rare roast beef. I did an 8-hr event my last Whole30 and was really nervous that I would bonk, but these things held me together. The last half hour was miserable due to leg cramping, but that was a hydration issue. Typically, I will have a large sweet potato the night before the event and then go crazy with the above before and during. It seems to work for me. Before I figured that out, I was having the bonks and the dizzies while racing and it was awful. I hope this helps! :-)
  2. Cory Redmond

    Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    Hi All! This is my second Whole30 and I am STOKED! I had great success in the fall with it and though I stayed pretty compliant even after the 30 days, I did add some treats and wine into my diet during the holidays. While I kept the weight off, I really enjoyed the Whole30 and talked 4 members of my family as well as 3 friends into starting yesterday and we are now all doing it together! Fun! Fun! Fun! If this is your first time, don't freak. Everyone here is super helpful and it really (REALLY) is not as hard as you think it will be to give up the breads and sugars. I know, because I am a carb junkie and I did not develop any twitches. ;-) Good luck to everyone and I look forward to reading your posts! Happy New Year!
  3. Cory Redmond

    Can I have Marijuana

    This is such a great question! I have breast cancer and from time to time use MJ for pain management because I really dislike synthetic meds. While I have not had the chronic pain yet during my Whole30, I am only at Day 13. I would imagine brewing the MJ with some green tea would be acceptable, but I would await Melissa's ruling on this. ;-)
  4. Cory Redmond


    Thank you for this! I am on Day 4 and my headaches started on Day 2. I raced yesterday and felt awful and sluggish but the head pain is what pushed me over the edge. I am still in the midst of it and at the office so today has been "fun". Your posts give me hope as I have a big race weekend in 5 days. ha! :-)