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  1. After more than a year of trying, my hubby and I found out we are expecting on Day 15 of my Whole30! I literally got pregnant on the first day or two of my Whole30! I'm now on day 19 and I'm feeling so good about the healthy choices I've been making since starting my Whole30, and feel that my body could not be more ready for all the work it's doing. I just want to be sure that I'm doing what's best for my little one. Has anyone else had a similar experience, and completed a Whole30 during the first trimester? Obviously, the raw eggs and prosciutto are out (good-bye Whole30 mayo, I miss you already), but are there any other changes I should be making to my Whole30? For instance, should I be upping my healthy fats and cutting back on a protein focused plate? Only 11 days to go and I'm determined to finish with and keep this little sprout growing strong! Thanks everyone!!
  2. Day 9 into my very first Whole30! I can definitely see why the timeline says that if you're going to quit, you're most likely to quit right around this time. My "good decision" high has worn off and the super energy boost I was feeling last week has gone in the absolute opposite direction (even though I'm finally sleeping through the night again). I'm still finding meals super yummy, but recent tummy troubles have made meal time less appetizing. I haven't seen any (positive) changes to my body composition yet. My poor husband tells me I've been grouchy and, if given a choice, I'd likely choose to stay home in my PJs all day and ignore the world. Fortunately work keeps me in the land of the living, but even at work I'm feeling like a sourpuss. I'm having a lot of doubt right now and I just wanted to say hi and see if anyone else out there has been through it and has come out on the other side. I'm finding myself second guessing my program - am I doing it right? Are my portions too big/too small? Am I eating too many (sweet) potatoes? I'm using the Whole30 book and the Instagram page for all my recipes, so I can't imagine that I'm doing it incorrectly. I'm so committed to doing this for myself, but I admit I'm in a rough patch and since this is my first Whole30, I don't know if the benefits are just waiting right around the corner. 21 days to go and I want to stay strong!! Thanks for listening
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    Day 9 and needing a boost!!

    Thanks for all the positivity!! Ghee and avocado oil are really the only things I wasn't eating before, but I'm also eating a lot more spinach than I was before. My meals are all portioned at the size of a dinner plate. M1 yesterday: two fried eggs, about two cups of spinach, a palm-sized hashbrown made with roasting potatoes and a handful of cherry tomatoes. Black coffee to drink. M1 today: two scrambled eggs, about two cups of spinach, a handful of cherry tomatoes, about 4 small mushrooms, three roasted potatoes, chopped. Black coffee to drink. M2 yesterday: 3 chicken meatballs with the tangy bbq sauce from the Whole30 book. About one cup of baby carrots and a simple green salad with 1 chopped apple and oil and red wine vinegar dressing M2 today: 3 chicken meatballs with tangy bbq sauce (leftovers). 1 chopped cucumber and about 7 baby carrots with salt, pepper, olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing. M3 yesterday: 1 hamburger patty with mustard and tangy bbq sauce (leftover). Three grilled zucchini and a garden salad with radishes, olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing M3 today: 1 broiled chicken thigh, 1.5 cups cauliflower with lemon juice, red wine vinegar and garlic dressing, five roasted baby broccoli, dressed in avocado oil I have not been logging or monitoring my water consumption, because I've always been really good about drinking a lot of water. On a normal day, I drink around 2-3 24 oz water bottles. As far as exercise, I do 10-30 minutes of yoga every morning. It's definitely one of my goals to add more exercise into my program. Tonight I went on a 4 mile hike and am already feeling much better. I'm really determined not to give up! I really appreciate the positivity and any advice I can get. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the days ahead. During our hike I even got my husband to commit to starting his own Whole30 starting July 21st. Best!