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    So tomorrow is day 31 for me and I have a couple questions regarding re-introduction.  Has anyone looked at the benefits of a slower reintroduction that is not the same as the slow reintroduction referenced in the book.  I was thinking about breaking up the categories into steps.  So Day 1 do chili with beans for the legume test but keep everything else Whole30, Day 2-3 Whole30, Day 4 Pad Thai with peanut butter and zoodles for legume test 2 and keep everything else Whole30, Day 5-6 Whole30 (done with legume re-introduction), Day 7 Quinoa pasta for the grains test, Day 8-9, Whole30, Day 10 oat granola, Day 11-12 Whole30...and so on.  Basically instead of eating legumes three times a day, or GF grains or dairy, try it for a specific meal using something specific that I used to eat and see how that one meal effects me.  Is this overkill?  
    Also from a previous post it's clear that you can't reintroduce legumes and then keep them in for other reintroduction days.  So for instance if I finished legumes and grain introduction and on the day I'm supposed to start dairy there's a family dinner scheduled which will consist of GF grains do I just do another GF grains introduction and postpone dairy or is it best to skip the rice and do the dairy introduction as planned.  The only issue I see with doing a GF grain intro again is that you're taking more time on the introduction phase.  Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Lastly, the book mentions doing a sugar reintroduction first if you plan to see how sugar effects you.  Is sugar the exception to the rule on including it during other reintroduction steps?  I mean this in terms of on my dairy reintroduction day if I use ice cream as one of the dairy items it contains both dairy and sugar, which is that case will mean I'm eating an item already reintroduced in another reintroduction step.
    Sorry if I'm being a pest with the specifics.  Thanks.