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  1. Serik

    Starting November First!!

    I'm going to try to do the full 30 days. We'll see what happens though. I'm more focused on the big picture this time, making lasting changes. Maybe I'll decide that a 2 or 3 week reset is all I need, or maybe I'll realize that I need 45 or 60 days. I just really want to feel better than I do now!
  2. Serik

    Starting November First!!

    I started today as well, probably my 6th time through this. I like how I feel when I eat this way and I'm sick of feeling so tired and grumpy (and achy too!) So, though I'm a little concerned about Thanksgiving, I just had to start again. This time with the guidance of "Food Freedom Forever" I'm hoping to make it a more lasting change.
  3. Serik

    Canned sweet potatoes for salmon cakes

    I usually just cook up some sweet potatoes but I did see that someone else said you could substitute canned pumpkin. I'm going to try that when I make them this week.
  4. Serik

    It has *only* been 30 days....

    If you feel like you're just getting the hang of it, why don't you continue for another couple of weeks before trying the reintroduction phase. I do think it's important that you do the reintroduction, but giving yourself some extra time with the rules sounds like maybe that's what you need right now.
  5. I'm curious, what kind of oil did you use? And what kind of acid ie lemon juice or cider vinegar? I've never made mine in a food processor so someone else will have to comment on the consistency. I use my immersion blender and it comes out nice and thick in seconds. You will get different flavors depending on what kind of oil you use... EVOO is definitely not a good flavor for mayo, IMO. Also the lemon juice or cider vinegar will effect the flavor too... I find cider vinegar alone is too strong but lemon juice is too "light", so I use about a 60/40 mix lemon/vinegar. Or, it may just not be your thing.