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  1. No way! Me too! I thought I was the only one who looked like she should have been born with a tail!
  2. Interesting stuff! Thanks for linking! When I said keeping the belly tight, I meant more of "flexing the abs" rather than sucking in.
  3. @SpinSpin - Thanks so much for your input! no, I don't usually have veggies with them. The fat is usually in the form of coconut oil which I cook the eggs in, and occasionally I'll have avocado. Because I run so early, my M1 and post WO meal are usually one in the same...which could be why I feel the need to snack constantly! My added fats at M2 and M3 are usually cooking oils and/or avocado. You're not the first person that has mentioned nuts and bloating..I would have never guessed! I'll try to remove those and re-evaluate! @fmr_sailor - cheers to separated ab muscles! :-) mine is not severe, I'd say the width of my fingertip but I've shied away from any core exercises as I've read that makes matters worse. It also seems mindfulness is the key to everything..I need to work on keeping the belly tight. So simple, yet so tough!
  4. Background: First W30 completed July 21. Weaned my 14 month old towards the end of June. Began training for a marathon June 28th. Life Before Whole 30: I ate what I thought was healthy...a lot of fruits and veggies but also relied heavily on grains! I was a carb addict, partly because I thought that was what I needed to improve my running performance. I ran my first half-marathon in April and averaged 15-20 miles per week. Problem: During the W30 challenge I noticed my pants were falling off of me..woohoo a NSV! However, I seemed to have developed a "mummy tummy" and almost look like I'm 3 months pregnant again. I did full body measurements and there was really no change there either, which seemed odd. Full disclosure--I have not done well with the no snacking and have found myself reaching for the nuts and raisins a little too often. Typical day: 6-8h of sleep. I run early in the morning, usually by 7:00am, averaging 15-20 miles per week. M1: 3 eggs unless it's a long run day, I usually eat a hard boiled egg with some guac. Post run I'll have protein and sweet potato or butternut squash. M2: a salad filled with veggies and some form of protein, M3: protein and veggies Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm not sure whether to attribute the weight gain to weaning, or diastis recti, or training, or snacking or if I need to shoot for a Whole 60 instead.