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  1. Absolutely. I hope I didn't come off as rude. I was genuinely asking. Thank you for explaining :-).
  2. Help..which version should I do?

    I'll echo what everyone else is saying. I've been having gut issues, but I also don't eat meat (including fish). I opted to do the original Whole30 without meat because I suspect beans and/or soy are part of my issue. 16 days in, my gut issues are already diminishing.
  3. I think hemp is more Whole30-friendly...unless I am missing something. Are peas allowed on Whole30?
  4. Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment! I'm curious- are you going right into reintroduction? And if so, what's first?
  5. Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!

    Michelle, I'm only on Day 2, but my plan is to use pastured eggs, hemp (I'm planning to try making hemp tofu), cashew and cashew butter, almonds and almond butter, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, nutritional yeast, plus there are a few grams in foods like avocado and roasted vegetables. I've been adding up how much I'm getting to be sure I hit the recommended 50-60 grams for my body weight, and so far, so good. I'm posting my meals at TheHolisticTable on Instagram if you want to see what I'm eating. (I'll warn you, though, I'm not a great photographer- I'm just trying to document the experience!)
  6. I started today, too! We can do this!
  7. I'm excited (and a little apprehensive)!