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  1. KarynL

    Reinitro Time

    Instead of doing a formal reintroduction, I think I'm going to do a slow roll, which, as I understand it is reintroducing things as the occasion comes up. Pre Whole 30 I was eating processed food for breakfast in the form of a breakfast muffin or breakfast bowl, chocolate and pepsi during the work day, with the occasional salad from the salad bar to be healthy, and then processed food for dinner, usually frozen pizza, quesadillas or chinese. When it comes to reintro, most of the food groups I either didn't eat much of before (legumes, alcohol) or only ate occasionally. So I'm not going to post much here any more, though I'm going to still read other peoples posts because I learn a lot from what people write, and post questions when I have them. I'm comfortable right now just following a mostly Whole 30 way of eating.
  2. KarynL

    Reinitro Time

    Whollyme, I hear you girl! I put mine in a coffee cup, so it was two scoops! I woke up bloated this morning and I still feel uncomfortable. Pretty much I was at the point where I was thinking the only way I'm going to have ice cream again is if it's like the best ice cream you can possibly get and only then if I decide that these symptoms are worth it! Shannon, I did think about that initially, i.e. I was going to do a dairy reintro and then a separate reintro for ice cream because my favorite is mint chocolate chip and the additional ingredients might be in play, but then I decided to just do it in one day. I wasn't planning on doing a specific sugar day, but maybe I will after I finish everything else to see what effect that has, though I'm a little bit scared about that because I was the definition of junk food junky pre Whole30. Just went to check my ice cream's ingredients, it looks like it's all natural flavors but it also contains soy, so I muddied the waters a little bit. (Graeter's Hand Crafted Mint Chocolate Chip). So I'm going to redo dairy after a couple of days without the ice cream and see what happens.
  3. KarynL

    Reinitro Time

    Finished my Whole 30 yesterday and started reintro today with dairy. Butter and cheese, no perceptible effect. Ice cream however, immediate bloating and uncomfortable feeling, still even 2 hours later. Had some chores to do after and felt kind of draggy and tired. Don't know if I'm ready to say goodbye to ice cream forever, but the next batch would have to be really, really good ice cream, or what Melissa H. describes as "worth it." I'm going to wait 3 days then try non-gluten grains, then legumes, then gluten grains.
  4. KarynL

    I hate food!

    I'm only day 4 but I cosign what Shannon said about experimenting with sauces. I've taken to drizzling balsamic vinaigrette over any beef dish I make and it makes such a huge difference. I'm not much of a veggie person either, but someone said something to me and I had to take a step back and I realized I was really limiting what I considered a "veggie". I was thinking leafy green, healthy stuff that I see other people eating, then I realized that I was limiting myself to those things, that onion, tomato, mushrooms and on the W30, potatoes, are veggies as well as a whole host of other things. Now I feel like I can increase the variety of veggies I eat and that has helped at least on day 4 (may come back here on day 15 and say, oops, ok, I know what you mean now, lol). HTH
  5. KarynL

    July 27 to August 27th

    I am, sort of. I took some of the recipes from the 7 day plan in the new book, swapped some stuff for stuff I liked better and have been cooking/preparing some stuff today so I'm not caught flat footed. I tend to be the pick something up on the way girl so I know I have to plan ahead to be successful, lol.
  6. KarynL

    July 27 to August 27th

    Me too! Nervous but excited.