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  1. Fresh Market vs. Whole Foods vs. Publix

    Public carries Plainville Farms brand presliced lunch meat. Its by the Applegate presliced lunch meat. Some of the organic turkey and chicken are compliant, but make sure to check the labels. I don't currently have any to look at, but if I remember correctly it's only the organic that are compliant, and only some of them.
  2. Alternative to cheesecloth for clarified butter?

    I use a reusable mesh coffee filter that came with my coffee pot.
  3. Instant pot/ too. I have liquid?

    Try putting the water under the dish, the dish on the rack and cover the dish with foil to keep the water from dripping on it. I've done cheesecake in it with a paper towel on top and then the pan covered with foil.
  4. Looking for compliant deli turkey and bacon

    I found compliant true story brand deli turkey at Sprouts. They also had compliant pedersens bacon.
  5. W30 & InstantPot

    Make Hard boiled eggs!!! They're so easy to peel.. I regularly make soups, whole chicken, broth, pot roast, Kalua pig, chicken breasts, small lobster tails. My son makes baked potatoes in it all the time.