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    Grammyof5 reacted to SugarcubeOD in Taking in more sugar ON Whole30?   
    So this concern is sort of precicely why we tell people not to track macros.  Quest bars (not food) and stevia/artificial sweetners are NOT the same as potatoes and fruit.  Doesnt matter if they have the same sugar content or fibre content, it's not the same. Food grown in a field, not in a lab (quest bars) is going to have vitamins, minerals, fibre attached to that naturally occurring sugar, which you did note, but really think about that... nature makes perfect food and processed stevia and quest bars are not perfect food.
    Trust the program, trust your body and stop tracking.  Seriously... write down what you eat in a journal or on a piece of paper and then mark down how you feel energy wise... use that to track and sort out how much to eat to feel your best... random numbers in a tracking app mean nothing... trust yourself... don't let an app freak you out!
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    Grammyof5 reacted to SugarcubeOD in Binge eating and re-starting Whole30   
    Oh gosh, sorry to hear this... how about instead of starting a new Whole30 every week, you take it one day or meal at a time?  I think you've also got some good insight that you're 'rewarding' yourself with these foods so maybe some brainstorming in how you can reward yourself with non food related items?
    It's REALLY hard, believe me, I get it...I often ask myself 'Is this going to make me feel good'.  The answer is often yes AND no... yes, it will temporarily make me feel great emotionally and no, it will make me feel emotionally terrible later and physically right away... if the yes wins over the no, eat the item... but if you're being honest and the no wins over the yes, then find something else to do, go to bed, get distracted, have a tea etc... both answers are actually great teaching moments... if you ate the item and suffered later, then you might think of that next time... if you didn't eat the item, that's one point in the bank of knowing that you have control over food and not the other way around.  I think the biggest thing for a lot of people is taking the mindlessness out of eating; when we really think about it there's a whole thought process that can be run through but when we don't engage that, we're just prisoners to old habits and the cycle we're tryiing to get out of ... 
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    Grammyof5 got a reaction from WholeCourtney in Alternative to cheesecloth for clarified butter?   
    I use a reusable mesh coffee filter that came with my coffee pot.
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    Grammyof5 reacted to Jwatk in Is this really for me?   
    Here is what I ate on the days it started to get tough:
    B- 2 eggs, cashews, banana 
    L- cauliflower fried rice + chicken + strawberries
    D- 3 egg frittata with compliant smoked salmon
    Water- 70oz
    Sleep- Awful- staying up later than usual because I can't fall asleep
    B- clean hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, homemade compliant salsa, 3 turkey bacon 
    L- grilled chicken sausage with onions and peppers
    D- garlic shrimp, butternut squash "noodles" in Rao's marinara sauce, banana + peanut butter- felt full for about 20 minutes but then so hungry after and just wanted bread. 
    Water- 65oz 
    1/22- Was in the WORST mood all day. It was almost funny because I had literally nothing to be upset about but was so pissed off and uncomfortable. My skin also went from feeling great the past few days to super inflamed/irritated with new zits. 
    B- 2 scrambled eggs, salsa, 3 turkey bacon 
    L- leftover garlic shrimp and butternut squash "noodles", orange- would have liked to eat more but eating felt like such a chore
    D- roasted cauliflower and potato soup; this was yummier and more satisfying but I felt guilty eating potatoes.. In the past I always opted for bread over potatoes feeling that it was a "useless" carb 
    Water- 70oz 
    1/23 (Today)
    B- smoked salmon and spinach fritata, bacon, breakfast potatoes + fruit salad, black coffee
    I woke up today feeling SO tired. I went to bed around 10:30pm last night and woke up several times in the middle of the night as I literally always do. When I woke up I felt like I could sleep for the entire day but had to get up for work.  I am 24 and around 115 pounds. Naturally very thin and slender but have gained fat specifically around my stomach. I am deeply affected by the bad foods I eat in a negative way, and had been eating poorly over the holidays. Sometimes eating the wrong thing makes me need to take a hot bath or lay down in bed. I wonder if my body is experiencing detox effects at Day 9? Either way, I feel crummy again today!
    Thanks SO much for the time providing your insight! It's much appreciated.  
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    Grammyof5 got a reaction from frogtox in W30 & InstantPot   
    Make Hard boiled eggs!!!  They're so easy to peel.. I regularly make soups, whole chicken, broth, pot roast, Kalua pig, chicken breasts, small lobster tails.  My son makes baked potatoes in it all the time.  
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    Grammyof5 reacted to Bellmaestra in Basic Mayonaise Fail to Emulsify   
    It's happened to me a couple times, with no particular reason that I could find! Most of the time it works perfectly, but there must be something in the air once in awhile. I was going to suggest calling the Mayo Clinic, but I won't... :-)