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  1. I used organic black tea (8 bags/1 gallon - 1 C sugar). The juice was a blueberry/pomegranate. They were bottled for a little over 2 days - room temp. Maybe I did not have the lids tight enough, just not sure. I am not giving up though. Second batch is currently in first fermentation. Maybe I will try lemon or lime. Thanks!
  2. So I grew my on scoby successfully from a plain, store-bought kombucha. My first batch tasted good, but no carbonation. I reused kobucha bottles that I purchased (sterilized them first). I added 1/4 cup fruit juice to a 16 oz bottle, no added sugar, 100% juice. It does not taste bad, but part of my love of kobucha is the carbonation. Any suggestions?? (also, cannot thank all that contribute to this forum -- it was super helpful!!)
  3. I am thinking about making my own. I am a bit nervous about it. What should be my biggest concern? Is there anything I could do that would make it harmful to drink? (yes, I know this is a crazy question)