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    deekeaveney reacted to Kaye15 in Whole 30 Virgin starting on the 3rd of August!!   
    Did TRX last night! I hadn't done it since the start of summer. Sore today and good to shake up routine of only pilates and dance. I love that its low impact on joints but so challenging and awesome to work upper body/core @ same time. 
    Breakfast today: 3 egg scramble with fresh tomato, green pepper, and shredded crockpot chicken. YUM! Already feeling the benefits of starting the day off with protein and carbs from veg. Oh and trying to drink 8oz water before black coffee   
    New Podcasts I'm into:
    Balanced Bites by Dian Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe
    Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert
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    deekeaveney got a reaction from Kaye15 in Whole 30 Virgin starting on the 3rd of August!!   
    Soooo first day! Eggs, bacon and tomato for breakfast. So annoyed I slept in and missed my training sesh at the gym, my body clock is all messed up from working nights so I guess my trainer is gonna kick my ass even more tomorrow! Might check out that Pilates website today, thanks!m
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    deekeaveney got a reaction from mariamveg2014 in Whole 30 Virgin starting on the 3rd of August!!   
    Hey there!
    I have dabbled with Paleo in the past and have found it really effective. I'm a dancer and when I was in full time training, I adopted a paleo based diet and found it very beneficial. I am getting ready to go on tour in December and really need to get my strength, fitness and body back in order. As well as regular training, I need to get serious about my food again and this seems like the best way to go about it all! I'm excited and looking forward to feeling healthy and happy about my body. 
    i will be starting on the 3rd of August as I can't go without coffee this week, extremely late working hours at the minute, 4 am hello! 
    Any other athletes or dancers starting around this time, so we can help and encourage eachother??