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  1. mariamveg2014

    august 1 start for fellow veggies?

    I have started on july 26th, It is great to have support on this journey. this 5 days were good, however this week i have to plan my meals too, I mostly had egg omelets, salads, nuts and fruit.
  2. mariamveg2014

    Whole 30 Virgin starting on the 3rd of August!!

    hi I am a newbee to whole paleo style lifestyle. i have been vegan for past year and I was vegetarian before that. I am a crossfitter and i need to get back on shape too. I am starting my whole30 vegetarian-paleo this coming week . I think it will be really helpful for us to support eachother, because most of the times I am not comfortable to explain what I am doing to the people around me. but here we can inspire each-other.
  3. mariamveg2014

    July 1st start - veg whole 30

    I just saw this post. I have started my vegetarian-paleo on this Sunday (26th july). I am vegan but I am trying to follow the rules , so i am adding eggs to my diet. no processed food, tofu, soy, legumes, grains, ... I am excited to see the result, I already feel great and lighter. I have started crossfit one month ago. I hope everything goes well. really excited to see the results on august 26th. can somebody post a typical day to help me out? thanks