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    mariamveg2014 reacted to gusseting in august 1 start for fellow veggies?   
    so - who is vegetarian and starting in august? I'll be spending the next couple of days doing some meal planning and shopping and curious to see what others have in mind foodwise over the next 30 days.
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    mariamveg2014 reacted to anastasia33 in July 1st start - veg whole 30   
    Good luck Maria!  Today is my day 15th, so I'm getting into a groove.  For breakfast, I'll have two eggs - poached or hardboiled, usually, with some fresh salsa, avocadoes, or whatever other veggies I have on hand, maybe a handful of nuts and/or a little bit of fruit, and a cup of coffee.  For lunch, I mix it up, but today is roasted broccoli and carrots, with a bag of nuts on the side, and some seltzer.  For dinner, I am loving the cauliflower rice - I loved it with spicy roasted brussel sprouts - and I've also really liked an eggplant curry with coconut milk.  Otherwise, I have been grilling a lot of veggies (zucchini, peppers, eggplant, etc).  Spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles with a very very simple homemade tomato sauce.  I often throw an egg on top of whatever I'm having for dinner.  I drink water and dandelion root tea throughout the day.  Hope that helps!
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    mariamveg2014 reacted to edgymama in Edgymama's Success Story   
    I made it, I did it, I honestly didn't think it was that hard! What?! Maybe I was just ready for this change, or maybe it was the fact all the olives and avocados kept my salt tooth happy (because I have more of a salt dragon than sugar dragon haha). Regardless I did it and here is my final report! I plan on continuing a whole30 style life and will continue to log here for as long as I see fit. My journey has just begun
    What I didn't do great
    I did get on scale a couple times, this just wasn't a deal breaker for me though as I just don't feel this drives my happiness if that makes sense? As in although I would like the scale to say a lower number I measure my success on lots of other factors such as how my clothes fit and how I feel. I did eat I think 5 or 6 lara bars total, although I realized these could easily be a SWYPO for me I was happy I was able to identify that I would grab these because they were easy as opposed to me actually being hungry What I rocked
    Bar a couple meals, pretty much every meal I had fit the template! I was able to eat out twice and keep it simple and compliant I didn't even want to cry when turning down various sweets and other goodies SLEEP! As soon as my head hit the pillow at night I was out Handled some stressful times and not with food What I learned
    That my body can run really efficiently off three meals a day and rarely added snacks! IF I am fueling it properly! LaCroix is my new pop! I really enjoy having veggies with breakfast (ahem meal 1, thank you very much) Discovering new healthy foods for me AND my family is really rewarding Seeing my toddlers being more open to trying new foods is awesome (still a picky 5 year old but she actually put melon in her mouth which was huge!) That I did lots of mindless eating prior to the Whole30, so many tastes, and licks, and bites that I became aware of once I started turning them down.  Other Advantages
    Skin clearer and glowy Happier mood (even after some mega stressful things) Sleeping like the dead Waking up feeling refereshed No more naps needed on the weekends (I was taking 3 to 4 hour naps easily once or twice a weekend previously) Teeth and eyes both seem brighter No more tummy issues (have IBS) Clothes are getting looser Cravings gone  Oh and I am down 12 pounds Attached a pic of me day one and day 31, yes I know background and lighting are different and I am kind of smiling in second one but there is still no denying my face looks less puffy! 

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    mariamveg2014 reacted to Chellesdoingr8 in Whole30 Work In Progress - First Round Results   
    YAHOOOOOO!!!  I completed my first round of Whole30 on June 28.  I lost 12 pounds and inches galore.  I didn't measure myself.  However, I got in to a pair of jeans that I had not been able to wear.  My sister gave them to me years ago.  I think she was manifesting my destiny.  Anywhoo...I can wear them.  I got in to another pair of pants that I have not been able to wear for 6 years.  I have not weighed what I weigh today in 6 years.
    I feel more confident.  Happier.  My mind isn't racing all over the place.  I made a great support buddy LISA PT who is an awesome cheerleader.  Thank you!!
    My skin is clear.  My eyes shine.  Love it!!
    Love the recipes.  I take the time, because I am worth it, making new recipes and trying new foods.  Happy!!!
    I am starting Round 2 today!!  Thank you to the Hartwigs!!!  I have waited so long and finally found you
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    mariamveg2014 reacted to Alisonlcarver in Whole30 Complete--and it works!!   
    I decided to document my non-weight victories over the past 30 days before weighing myself. Here they are:
    I have learned to eat 3 meals a day, I have learned how to eat protein and veggies and fat at each meal to keep myself full and satiated until the next meal, I have learned that eating healthy fat is good, I have become fat-adapted, I have finally lost my diet coke craving (this happened just in the past week), I have learned how to fuel my workouts, I have learned that 5 days of cardio a week might be too much, I have learned that getting enough sleep is just as important as exercise and nutrition, I have learned to recognize when I want to eat due to habit, I have learned to eat when hungry and listen to my satiety cues, I have learned to stop eating when full even when there is still food left on my plate, I have learned that when I have a craving I need to ignore it and push through it and do something to take my mind off it like going on a walk or taking a nap and that it will go away on its own, I have learned that when I have a craving I do not need to indulge it with the thing I am craving or even with something less bad like fruit because my brain can't tell the difference and still thinks it's getting what it's craving, I have learned to eat at the table and pay attention as I eat, I have learned to not graze or snack and not eat while watching tv, I have learned that nuts probably hurt my stomach, I have learned that fruit is not a good pre- or post-workout snack, I have learned how to eat so that my blood sugar levels are regulated and I don't get hypoglycemic or cranky when I'm hungry, I have learned to appreciate whole real nutritious foods without added sugar or artificial ingredients.
    In addition, I lost 3.6 pounds, 0.2% body fat, 3/4" from my waist, and 1" from my hips! Thank you Whole30 for giving me Food Freedom!
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    mariamveg2014 reacted to mcki0133 in Whole 30 Results: Strength = Do Not Let Yourself SINK!   
    When I started my Whole30 journey, I had many goals in mind...specifically, losing weight (per my doctor) in order to conceive, carry and have a child. Since I've always struggled with my weight, this was an impossible feat in my the point where I would just sit and cry. I have a life long medical history that has screwed up not only my body but my hormones as well as resulting in allergies, infertility, inflammation, weight gain, thyroid issues, etc.
    A ray of hope shone down on me when a friend of mine at work (and the doctor) suggested visiting the Whole30 website. Cutting out all of the crap in my life for at least 30 days would help me better understand my body and the foods it doesn't like while also helping with weightloss and becoming a more balanced individual. My whole life I've been a fad dieter, a yo-yo dieter...I've wanted the quick fix and magical transformation instantly. But, that's not realistic and if I want long standing results, I needed to do it the RIGHT way. The doctor gave me a magic number of 20lbs to lose being we're trying to get pregnant and I figured a baby was motivation in itself to actually commit and complete something for myself, something I have never done before in my life.
    Long story short, my Whole30 was complete as of yesterday...with anticipation, I knew I was going to step on the scale and do my measurements to see how far I have come. Before I did this, I reminded myself of the non-scale victories....I'm less bloated and inflamed, no abdominal discomfort or cramping, even tempered and have a better mood overall, no more headaches, I'm sleeping better at night, my clothes are fitting so much better and I'm more comfortable in my skin! While these NSV's are great, the numbers are as follows....almost down 10 pounds and I have lost a total of 14.25" overall. Specifically 9 inches between my waist/abdomen/buttocks! Although everything listed is amazing, I honestly didn't believe it until I saw my before and after "selfie's"...

    Wow - Success...after this amazing accomplishment, I went out and bought myself my Anchor necklace...representing STRENGTH and not letting yourself SINK regardless of the situation or the trials you have to deal with on a daily basis.
    Being that I'm not yet where my doctor wants me to be, I'm going to keep on keeping on...we'll see what happens at Day 45!
    I'm spreading the word and hoping others will get on this miraculous band wagon of HEALTH!
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    mariamveg2014 reacted to artistgrl in Chastity's Whole30...turned into a Whole90?   
    So, I started this journey on June 1st. I was supposed to start with a couple friends but life got in the way. They wanted to start the next week, and then the next Monday, and hasn't happened yet. I'm glad I didn't wait.
    I'm 33 years old, and I've been sick for as long as I can remember. Fibromyalgia, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism...I am tired of being tired, and I'm sure my husband and kids are tired of it too. I have been trying so hard to get healthy. I have a 5 year old little boy and a 1 year old girl. I want to be the fun parent. The one who can take them to the park and run around. Not the mama who is in bed all the time.
    The first 30 days went by pretty smoothly. I faced weekend conventions, anniversaries, parties, family dinners, all without wavering. Then a group at my gym decided to give it a try, and instead of stopping at the 30 day mark, I decided to give it another 30 days. Now I'm on day 53 and I feel like I'm FINALLY starting to come out of my fog. Probably because at about day 35 I found out I need to take thyroid medication. Now I'm excited for the next 30 days!
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    mariamveg2014 reacted to deekeaveney in Whole 30 Virgin starting on the 3rd of August!!   
    Hey there!
    I have dabbled with Paleo in the past and have found it really effective. I'm a dancer and when I was in full time training, I adopted a paleo based diet and found it very beneficial. I am getting ready to go on tour in December and really need to get my strength, fitness and body back in order. As well as regular training, I need to get serious about my food again and this seems like the best way to go about it all! I'm excited and looking forward to feeling healthy and happy about my body. 
    i will be starting on the 3rd of August as I can't go without coffee this week, extremely late working hours at the minute, 4 am hello! 
    Any other athletes or dancers starting around this time, so we can help and encourage eachother??
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    mariamveg2014 reacted to missmayhem in 6 months into Whole30/9 and I'm a different person...   
    I started my first Whole 30 on January 5th.  I was so blown away by the positive results, I immediately completed a 2nd round and then did a 3rd round shortly after.  In between rounds (and currently), I stay pretty darn close to the Whole30 parameters. 
    Prior to committing to the first round (and for the lifetime before that), I struggled tremendously with my weight.  I do have PCOS, which can make weight loss a little tricky, but I also had a vicious sugar addiction, and an extremely abusive relationship with food and the scale.
    Since starting my first Whole30 six months ago, I've experienced the following:
    A loss of 42 pounds, 25 inches, and 3 dress sizes Minimized PCOS symptoms Reduced anxiety/panic attacks - more mood stability Better recovery Drastically reduced joint pain/aches Glowing skin A younger appearance (I'm told) Freedom from sugar addiction, food obsession/abuse, scale obsession New-found confidence/self-love  
    I'm not the same person I was 6 months ago inside or out.  At this point, I'm very comfortable "riding my own bike" - I crave, prepare, and eat Whole30 food 99% of the time, and whenever I'm faced with an "off-plan" choice or treat, I always mindfully consider whether or not it will be worth it (taste and consequences) and exercise the "one-bite" rule.  
    I'm looking great, feeling great, performing great, and getting to enjoy much more of life now that I'm not a prisoner to food. Hallelujah Whole30 - looking forward to another 6 months of getting more awesome!

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    mariamveg2014 reacted to Hutlifr in Vegan Gone Whole30   
    If your friends are truly friends, they will understand.... And you don't owe any justification to colleagues.... You need to do what you need to do... It's that simple! Good luck on your journey