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  1. the gf soy sauce I'm seeing online has alcohol in it?
  2. Hi coming up on the end of my second whole30 and I really want to try reintroducting soy by itself but somewhat at a loss as to how. I have two different organic soy sauces in the fridge but they both have wheat in them. What can I try that just has soy? Thank you!
  3. my iron has been tested recently and is good. must just be shared symptoms. glad you're doing better!
  4. hmm that's interesting. I do have an anxiety disorder. I'm doing another whole30 now and haven't had any more issues like that but I've also noticed my anxiety is much more manageable on whole30. If it happens again I'll try what you said thanks!
  5. guess I'll go back to whole30 and trial and error I suppose after. when I had this issue prior I have seen doctors about it in the past, no one could ever tell me what it is. since it cleared up during and came back I'm leaning towards diet. I'm not having issues breathing so much as how it feels if that makes sense. I've done asthma tests ect. Most of my health issues are not clear cut which has been frustrating. Thank you for replying.
  6. Hi, So I completed my first whole30 and reintroduction. Things I noticed with reintro: legumes- stomach cramps after each meal gf grains- increased anxiety the next day diary- didn't notice anything besides for a headache after a scoop of ice cream which I figured was the sugar gluten- foggy brain after if that makes sense since then I've been keeping to guidelines for meals and such but added in some gf grains and dairy (mainly grassfed butter). yesterday was our anniversary and had a bit of gluten as bread and some sugar has sneaked back in. I'm yawning a lot and feeling like I can't get a full breath in me. I've had this in the past prior to whole30 and never knew what was causing it but didn't experience it during my whole30. Does anyone have any insight on what could be causing it? -also started taking a few medications/supplements my naturopath recommended. one to aid digestion has soy in it and one for sleep has xyitol (sp?) thank you for reading this and any advice or insight you might have.
  7. Clover337

    July 27 to August 27th

    Hi, started a few days ago but just joined the forums today. Hope to help my anxiety and some health issues as well as losing some weight. Recommended by my naturopath.