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    Hi all. I was recently introduced to the Whole30 by my sweet step-sister and I am excited! I need to give a super brief background of myself in order to stress to you my internal motivation to be healthier. Since early childhood I've coped with a.d.d., ptsd, g.a.d., prone to depression.

    Only four short years ago, I traded in my self-medicating alcohol and unhealthy food binges in order to gain inner-peace, clarity of brain function, and natural sustaining energy. Weight loss was further down my list of priorities as it is only one of the wonderful side effects of eating well.

    Most importantly for me, and I can only speak for myself, but I've been amazed at how my relationship with God has grown more dear to me. It's as if my mind and body are more alert and sensitive to the Holy Spirit in my life. I'm no longer burdened and weighed down with moodiness, grogginess, cloudiness of thought. I'm more in tune with God and can now better "listen" and fulfill His will in my life.

    My hope is that this program will provide support, structure and education as I continue on my daily journey.
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