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  1. Charlynn

    Day 11 - Vegetables

    Thank you! I will check out these links! I didn't really think about being able to dip in Ranch (feels so sinful! ) I bought some primal kitchen ranch as I am having a hard time making my own condiments (time, effort, etc).
  2. Hello! I am on my 3rd or 4th try at W30, but first in a couple of years. I am on day 11, have a partner to check in with, and overall am feeling pretty good an motivated still! My only "slip" from my goal was I allowed myself to take pain meds to get me through the headaches. I have a job and three kids and just couldn't check out for 2-3 days while my headaches subsided! Anyhoo... vegetables. I am really struggling. I don't really love them. I really don't love prepping and cooking them. Often days I have to pack all three meals as I leave for work at 7 and don't come home until after 8 (pick kids up from school and taxi them around to activities). I am typically getting veggies at 2 meals, but sometimes only 1. While I am sticking to plan, and making it meal to meal well (very little snacking), I just feel this probably isn't the best way to go long term. I am ok with the fact that for now I am just doing what I can to get by and not break plan, but moving into the next 10 days I would really like to improve my veggie intake. So, my question is, what are good ideas for veggies that I can cook in advance and eat leftover cold? What works well for the other super busy people out there that don't really get to cook and eat each meal slowly and savor it!?
  3. Thank you! I can get so caught up in doing the program "perfectly" that if I am truly hungry and have a snack of 5 -10 almonds I feel like a failure. If I go in allowing myself to eat when I am hungry, and truly evaluate that, then my hope is that I will be more successful. I guess regardless going 30 days eating all the permitted foods will be a huge improvement, even if some will not count it as a true Whole30.
  4. I tried Whole 30 a few times over the past 18 months and struggled primarily with the eating only three times a day with no snacking (unless I exercised). Since the new book FFF doesn't require a strict Whole30 per se, would it be "ok" for me to do a 30 day reset using all of the Whole30 rules in terms of what I can (and cannot) eat, but eat on my own timeline? I know there is a reason for the three big meals with no snacking, but since this has proven to be an obstacle for me in the past, would you say it is better for me to at least do an "unofficial" Whole 30 as my FFF Reset, or would there be a reason not to do this (not healthy, not beneficial, not likely to work)? Thanks! Charlynn
  5. Charlynn

    Starting August 3rd

    I made mine yesterday with a hand immersion blender and it worked great (except at the very begining when there wasn't much to blend and it was hard to keep it from splattering everywhere!). I was so excited to see it emulsify since I have read of so many people having trouble making their own mayo. Hand immersion blenders are cheap and seem to work very well for this.
  6. Charlynn

    Starting August 3rd

    Thank you!! I'm excited but nervous. I know we don't count calories, but I also know I can't have an entire jar of almond butter every day (or shouldn't)!! I just want to try and do what is best to be successful!
  7. Charlynn

    Starting August 3rd

    Im starting the 3rd also! I'm trying to figure out mon-wed right now, then will shop again wed for thurs-sun. I was going to make the homemade mayo and do chicken salad for lunch: chicken, mayo, celery, onion, grapes, tiny bit of walnut. How much mayo is the right amount here? Is it the 1-2 thumb sized? Would you all mind sharing your meal plans for the first week? I'm struggling with breakfast. I leave the house tues and thurs at 5:30 and sit at my son's morning hockey from 6-8. Trying to figure out a good breakfast I can grab and take with me (cook the night before).