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  1. RainbowBrite

    Fruit juice to promote oven browning

    As to products, I noticed the ingredient when looking through some Cascadian Farm frozen potatoes. Their hash browns are compliant with potatoes as the only ingredient. In looking at other brands, fruit juice concentrate (to promote oven browning) was seen a ton.
  2. I've noticed a few items I've scrutinized lately have the following ingredient listed: apple juice concentrate (to promote oven browning) I've also seen it listed as fruit juice concentrate instead of apple juice. Is this permitted on Whole30? I'm on day 22 and not willing void my adventure because I didn't understand an ingredient. Thanks so much!!
  3. RainbowBrite

    What to Eat While Camping

    Thanks for the article!! It contains some really great tips; I look forward to using them.
  4. RainbowBrite

    What to Eat While Camping

    Thanks so much for this thread! We're camping in 10 days and I've really struggled to create a portable menu. Definitely following!
  5. RainbowBrite

    Starting August 3rd

    I'm starting August 3 as well. So excited!! I've done all my reading and research, now I'm menu planning. I'm surprised how many things aren't Whole30 complaint, my turkey sausage for instance. So glad I'm looking into that now. I hope to have my menu planning for the month done by Saturday so I can relax on Sunday.