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  1. Tressa717

    Starting August 3rd

    Day 6. This AM: pumpkin porridge with coconut milk. One thing that continues to amaze is that so far I haven't felt deprived! Instead I'm eating yummy combos I wouldn't have imagined before. Also, my cravings for sugar are far less than I thought they would be. I don't really miss dairy or grains which is wild b/c so much of my previous diet was made up of these. I know it is only the first week but still - I am so impressed with this process Just goes to show you never really know about something until you actually try.
  2. Tressa717

    Starting August 3rd

    Some things I am really enjoying so far: How pretty my food looks - all of the vibrant colors. Now I understand why everyone is snapping pics of their plates! I don't feel like I am restricting myself from good tastes. There is plenty of YUM. This has forced me and my Finace to cook together again after falling into a long rut of going out all the time. Good stuff!
  3. Tressa717

    Starting August 3rd

    I felt achy, tired and in a fog yesterday but today less so. I'm glad the books, timeline and those of you with experience prepared me for this! I have to say - only three days in and already I've learned a ton about myself and my relationship with food. Pretty grateful to be on this path.
  4. Tressa717

    Starting August 3rd

    Day one - feel like I ate some great stuff today and my plates have been beautiful to look at. So many colors! Definitely felt some brain fog and 3pm lull which is when I usually grab a coffee and some thing sugary. Hooray for everyone on getting through day 1 <3
  5. Tressa717

    Starting August 3rd

    The one friend who committed to doing this w/me pulled out last minute. I NEED Y'ALL! <3
  6. Tressa717

    Starting August 3rd

    HELLO Whole30 WORLD!!!! I am a total newb and I'm starting August 3rd, too. Did just a bit of shopping and hoping to do some prep tomorrow. In all honesty, I am a slacker but still doing my best to plan ahead.