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  1. Kaye15

    Whole 30 Virgin starting on the 3rd of August!!

    Trying to stick to the 3 meal template. Had my big protein breakfast: 3 eggs, crockpot chicken, peppers, tomato, added avocado this morning before I taught group Pilates. Usually I would teach on an empty stomach and feel drained halfway through class but this morning I felt like the protein carried me through!!! Excited by these new habits!
  2. Kaye15

    Whole 30 Virgin starting on the 3rd of August!!

    Did TRX last night! I hadn't done it since the start of summer. Sore today and good to shake up routine of only pilates and dance. I love that its low impact on joints but so challenging and awesome to work upper body/core @ same time. Breakfast today: 3 egg scramble with fresh tomato, green pepper, and shredded crockpot chicken. YUM! Already feeling the benefits of starting the day off with protein and carbs from veg. Oh and trying to drink 8oz water before black coffee New Podcasts I'm into: Balanced Bites by Dian Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert
  3. Kaye15

    Starting August 3rd

    I went shopping and had to take a pic after- the produce and colors were so beautiful! No boxes in my cart! Simply food that has always been food! Ate my colorful lunch outside, not in front of screen. Felt brain fog too! Like a little blurry sugar withdrawal. Drank a lot of water today. Had beautiful slow cooker pot roast. Resisted urge to have sweet blueberries for "dessert"!!! Pattern changing!!! More H20!
  4. Kaye15

    Whole 30 Virgin starting on the 3rd of August!!

    I do like the idea of value or rewards that aren't food based. Like quality time doing something you enjoy or taking care of youself in another way. Pilates is great to take on the road, and you can add a theraband or towel for extra resistance/support on a lot of excercises. There is a website called PilatesAnytime where you can watch entire classes and follow along. I go there for extra inspiration. Enjoy your first day! Today was my second day. I am happy to be on this path. I prepared my food, and will have tonight's pot roast for tomorrow's lunch.
  5. That is fascinating how food can trigger inflammation. Like I said my itis is from years of dancing through pain on and not getting enough to healing time in. I'm not a regular egg eater, but will probably increase my consumption on whole30 My pre WH30 dairy intake was splash of milk in coffee, occasional yogurt, and ice cream But curious to really see what absence of gluten and processed crap does for inflammation. even a little would help.
  6. Just wanted to hear stories/comments if other athletes have experienced relief from long term tendinitis after Whole30? My interest was sparked after reading about Dallas' shoulder improving in It Starts with Food. My background is in classical ballet- I have severe achilles tendonitis and flexor hallucis tendonitis-have had it since I was 13, I am now 25. Overuse injury from dance, and now have pretty persistent scar tissue in a large region of my calf. I have done PT, get it massaged every 2 weeks, and now as a Pilates instructor I am aware of strengthening the whole body to prevent injury. Not expecting the tendonitis issues to entirely disappear, but curious to experiment and see if the chronic inflammation improves. I began Whole30 August 2, 2015. Prior to that, I was not eating any legumes. I was eating dairy and wheat, so interested to see if there are any changes to this chronic condition. Interested to hear your experiences. Thanks!
  7. Kaye15

    Whole 30 Virgin starting on the 3rd of August!!

    How are you finding it? I'm trying to plan out my workouts for the week just like I plan out my meals. Today I need to at least fit in my 10 min Mat...I have plans tomorrow to do an hour Pilates equipment with a friend, and TRX. Also trying to add in other supportive things to think about more than what I'm not eating (like even though I'm eliminating certain foods how can I ADD positive things in..like interesting podcasts, reading, music, nature etc. Pot Roast in crockpot for tonight-YUM!
  8. Kaye15

    Starting August 3rd

    Did my shopping yesterday and food prep to plan for a long day at work. This is day 2 for me but day 1 on a workday...put Pot Roast with tons of veggies in the crockpot at 8am can't wait to come home to it at 8pm lol! Had my coffee black this morning...it's not that bad! I've been doing it for a few weeks already and like the bold flavor. prepped Salad with protein, avocado, carrots, cherry tomatoes and handful of blueberries+strawberries for lunch. As I'm reading other posts, seems like key to success is planning ahead with meal prep, not wondering what to grab while out on the go. I'm armed with almonds for when my coworkers inevitably bring sweets to share at work. Stuck cucumber slices in my waterbottle for some fresh flavor.
  9. Kaye15

    Whole 30 Virgin starting on the 3rd of August!!

    Hi! I am a dancer and Pilates Instructor. Looking to get back into peak condition as well! My goal is to practice what I preach, get back into taking same care of myself that I encourage clients to do. Combining Whole30 with challenging myself to do at minimum a daily 10 minute Pilates mat workout. Excited to connect with other fitness professionals! We can do this!
  10. Kaye15

    August 2nd start

    Starting, today August 2, 2015!