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    FairyL0u reacted to SchrodingersCat in Yai’s Thai Chili Hot Sauce   
    It's ok even though it has sunflower oil that isn't high oleic? I find W30 can be a bit inconsistent with this rule - sunflower oil for use at home seems to be a no-no unless W30 has made a deal with the manufacturer...
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    FairyL0u reacted to SchrodingersCat in SchrodingersCat post-W30 diary!   
    So I have successfully completed 2 rounds, 1 reintro and utterly failed at Food Freedom. But I need to commit to a lifestyle and not continue my horrid merry-go-round of overly restricting then going hog-wild, so I'm not going to call this round 3, and I'm not going to keep a "Whole 30 Log", instead I'm committing to my post Whole 30 life.
    My plan is to stay compliant save for when I have events, or not being compliant is WORTH IT. 
    I have a Christmas in July this weekend, so obviously that won't be compliant but until then I will follow W30 principals, and will be back on track the very day after.
    I find journaling my food keeps me sensible and accountable, so I will do that here.
    Day 1 of new commitment to Food Freedom!
    Meal 1: 2 Prosciutto, egg, mushroom and capsicum bites with spicy kraut
    Meal 2: Beef "stoup" with cauli rice (diced beef, carrot, celery, mushrooms, beef stock, tomato paste, fish sauce, coconut aminos, tabasco, and a bit of potato starch to thicken - not thick enough for stew, not thin enough for soup, but lovely and warming!) 
    Meal 3: I forgot to get something out of the freezer, but think it will be lamb chops with egyptian dukkah, roasted pumpkin, cauliflower and brussel sprouts with a garlic and basil ghee drizzle. 
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    FairyL0u reacted to Jihanna in Whole30 Pre & Post InBody Scans   
    I find it interesting that the OP has no other posts here. This means we can't go check out a log of his intake and activities just to see what he was actually eating, nor do we see if there were any Non-Scale Victories (which honestly are the best part of Whole30 for me).
    Whole30 isn't a weight-loss plan and doesn't claim that you won't gain fat. It IS a strict elimination intended to "reset" your system and give you a baseline from which to determine if you have intolerance to any of the removed food groups (with potential to test individual foods within those removed groups, if desired).
    It's also pretty easy to customize your experience (within the restrictions) as needed to cater to an array of individual needs or preferences -- so someone who is mostly concerned with physical performance during workouts or activities is able to tweak their intake to support those activities, compliant foods can be removed if a person knows they suffer gastric distress after eating them, and so on.
    According to WebMD.com, the American Council on Exercise notes that they want people to shoot for a range of body-fat percentage rather than a magic number. Here's what that range looks like:
    Essential fat: 10-12% for Women, 2-4% for Men
    Athletes: 14-20% for Women, 6-13% for Men
    Fitness: 21-24% for Women, 14-17% for Men
    Acceptable: 25-31% for Women, 18-25% for Men
    Obese: 32% + for Women, 26% + for Men
    So our OP started and ended in the optimal range for a male athlete, but didn't believe Whole30 was a good mechanism to keep him moving forward in optimal health alongside whatever athletic activities he performs. That totally okay, because Whole30 isn't really intended to be a long-term kind of plan, anyway (though it can be very helpful for certain situations where multiple-intolerance is an issue)... and it sounds like his normal diet and lifestyle are already on a different level than what most of us are experiencing when we start our Whole30 journeys.  
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    FairyL0u reacted to Jihanna in Day Zero   
    Absolutely breathtaking... not sure I'd want to be up early enough to see it, but so glad you shared that picture. It's beautiful.
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    FairyL0u got a reaction from scoakley13 in Day Zero   
    up at 03:45 to watch the sunrise
    1 = eggs & broccoli rice
    2 = squid & prawns (no veg though )
    3 = steak & broccoli, b sprouts, green beans, roasted cabbage, mushrooms  
    In one week I will be finished work for my holiday in less than that my 30 day reset will be done

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    FairyL0u got a reaction from Keen On Clean Fuel in Day Zero   
    Meal 1 - eggs w/ leek, peppers, mushrooms
    Meal 2 - chicken w/ left over veg & salad & olives
    Meal 3 - home made beef burgers, veg (cabbage, broccoli, g beans, b sprouts)
    an apple
    bike 10.5, walk 5
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    FairyL0u reacted to Jihanna in Day Zero   
    I've just read over your log here, and had so much fun imagining it spoken aloud in my mind's... ear?... with an accent.
    Ahem, anyway, sorry for that bit
    What I actually wanted to say is that I'll sometimes make latkes if I'm wanting pancakes, even when not doing Whole30. They're not flapjacks (or what I'd call pancakes), of course, and taste nothing like them... but they're veggie-packed and delicious, and there are definitely some compliant recipes out there for them.
    As long as the recipe has minimal flour/starch and all compliant ingredients, it should be fine. If you don't know what they are, they're basically vegetable patties that are fried up in a bit of oil, similar to cooking a hamburger patty on the stove.
    I'm actually scrolling through latke recipes this morning myself, hoping to find a new one for this week's meal plan.
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    FairyL0u reacted to Pandora Black in Day 16 - Cannot. Stop. Crying.   
    Ok so this happened to me, only more severe than what you described. I’m bipolar so I just brushed it off as yet another episode, that stemmed (at least partly) from getting my period. I have PCOS and a hormonal IUD, and my periods are not regular. I was actually hospitalized for eleven days. They had to double my antidepressants. 
    What I’d suggest is DEFINITELY make sure you’re getting enough starchy vegetables. They play a role in serotonin production. I make sure to get 2-3 servings a day. 
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    FairyL0u got a reaction from NotoriousADG in Day 16 - Cannot. Stop. Crying.   
    In my (limited, non-medical) understanding it's fairly complex to diagnose & treat hormonal balance issues unless there's something dramatically out of sync., so that route could take a while to find anything and, even in the UK, there is a tendency for GPs to want to prescribe rather than investigate - in the past I've had anti-depressants pushed onto me on more than one occasion, which for me absolutely fails to address the cause(s) of the problem (though obviously everyone is different and this may well be exactly the right approach for someone else). 
    I found that insufficient food in general was contributing to low mood in the week before my period & deliberately choosing to include starchy veg (esp. after ovulation) and being careful to eat enough of everything in that final week of the cycle seems to help a lot. I also started supplementing with magnesium a couple of months ago and have found that it greatly reduces the bloat & physical discomfort and also seems to help with emotional symptoms, but again that might not be an option for you depending on what other medical conditions & medications, etc. you might have....
    In terms of getting enough food I sometime play a 'game' with myself where the aim is to maximise the nutritional value of every meal and snack, e.g. trying to get as many different types of veg into a meal as possible, obvs. that's an underlying aim of a W30 but I find it helps to keep me focused on the fact that eating well is a good thing and that overly restricting food is not a very nice thing to do to yourself.... but again that's based on my experience and a history of constantly striving to eat fewer calories rather than aiming for optimal nutrition...
    I hope you feel better soon
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    FairyL0u reacted to Lorna from Canada in Carbs needed for energy   
    I backpack and canoe trip extensively and dehydrate everything we eat from scratch because I think every commercially prepared freeze dried meal I've ever had in the backcountry tastes the same. Any stew or casserole type meal that's compliant could be dehydrated - the trick is to use low fat meat (we eat lots of chicken and turkey); cut everything into uniform sized pieces so they dehydrate easily; cook it. Once it's cooked, spread it on a silpat in the oven at 140degrees and leave it for 6 -10 hours. When everything is dry and crunchy, it's ready to go. So many compliant options here!
    The only commercial product I use is Ova-easy Eggs (www.nutriom.com) - what the reviews say about them is absolutely true. Super lightweight and a great start everyday for breakfast. Love them.
    What to put almond butter on? Yes, a spoon. But I love it on dates and dehydrated apple slices (the best - especially if you make your own so there are no additives) too. 
    Have fun!!!
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    FairyL0u reacted to Lorna from Canada in How good is this Real Plans app?   
    I haven't tracked a single thing on my W30s beyond keeping a log here of my general experiences and thoughts. I'm a WWsurvivor of many decades and I am just over tracking. Here's been my W30 approach:
    If I am hungry, I eat things from the W30 template. Then I stop. 
    I also haven't planned ahead other than having enough compliant foods on hand all the time so, when I get hungry, I can eat from the W30 template.
    That's it.
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    FairyL0u reacted to Lorna from Canada in a banana and hard boiled eggs for breakfast?   
    I have eaten a bowl of All-Bran with Greek yogurt and frozen (thawed) berries for breakfast for years and years and years. What a change now to my current breakfast of choice:
    1/2 of a compliant sausage fried with half an onion, a, couple of cups of chopped kale, a chopped tomato and mushrooms (if I have them) topped with 2 or 3 (depending on my mood  ) over easy eggs and sriracha. It fills me up and I have no need for snacks or fruit until 1 or 2 PM when I eat lunch.
    Now, I realize that I am VERY lucky in that I am absolutely immune to food boredom. I can eat the same thing 100 days in a row without a problem but, still, the W30 approach is such an interesting shift in mindset from "breakfast foods" to meal template thinking. I hope you will take Shannon's advice and branch out into the meal template for all your meals @annekrol!
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    FairyL0u got a reaction from SugarcubeOD in Sweet potato chopper   
    A knife
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    FairyL0u got a reaction from Aliem999 in Day Zero   
    Today is day zero, tomorrow being day 1 . I will be happy and healthy...