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    Sorry, Melissa, but I don't get the point of this exercise. I thought the objective of the Whole30 is to make good eating habits become second nature, to integrate those healthy choices into our lifestyles so as to become natural and normal and desirable. If this is correct, then I don't see a need to plan a dream vacation around the Whole30 program, because it is a given that anywhere I go, the Whole30 "mentality' goes with me.
    However, if you are inviting us to dream about ideal vacation spots, then my choices would be:
    1. The Maldives with its turquoise blue waters, beautiful eco-resorts and sumptuous seafood and fruits;
    2. Polynesia and Bora Bora for the same reasons above;
    3. New Zealand with its stunning vistas, different terrains, wilderness...
    On Day 9, I feel stronger than ever that Whole30 is not just a test and a temporary exercise, but a new door that is opening up to a new life full of an infinity of possibilities as I slowly become the person I have always wanted to be. Wherever destiny takes me. 
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    The Whole 9 Cruise Line!

    Seriously!  That would be AMAZING.  A 30 day cruise (hey we're dreaming right?).  All food served in the restaurants on the cruise liner are, naturally, W30 compliant with such a creative menu that no one would ever get bored.  There would be workshops available for every one of the nine factors, with theory to help us understand exactly why each one is important and practical tips to start creating good habits.  Not to mention, what better place for exercise, relaxation and FUN than a cruise ship!  Massage therapists, jacuzzi tubs, games, basketball courts, a running deck, fitness room, live entertainment... the possibilities are endless.

    Each guest on the cruise would get to pick one of the nine factors that they want to focus on during their stay.  Depending on that, they get bonus treats.  For example, if you decided that you wanted to focus on nutrition, perhaps you would get to pick three or four of your favorite meals and have one of Whole 9 Cruise's master chefs teach you step by step how to make each recipe so you have some ammunition when you get home!  Or if you chose relaxation you would get a few free vouchers to the massage therapist and some personal lessons in relaxation technique.  Or if you chose fun and play you would get a free excursion for every two workshops you attend on the topic!
    The destination would have to be the Mediterranean Sea, because it's my dream right now and that's where I would go if I could!  Every port would have the typical touristy and adventuresome excursion options, but there would also be Whole30 tour guides available to walk you through local restaurants and food stands to show you how to enjoy all the best W30 compliant options in the native city. 
    Everyone would get their very own complimentary copy of "It Starts with Food" and we would all take time during the 30 day trip to read (or reread) it, perhaps with a daily reading guide and Q&A time every week.  If I had the time and the resources and also lived in a reality where this existed I would totally do it!

    (And FYI if this ever actually comes into existence I know I will, of course, be given a complimentary cruise for being so brilliant  )